Rumors Swirl Ahead Of Microsoft's X06 Event

A lot of sources today are spreading news that details of revelations to be made at Microsoft's X06 event in Barcelona, Spain today.

3Suns pointed out material at 2old2play and Neoseeker in an HBO forum post, while CVG cites similar claims in a TeamXbox forum thread.

Some reports just say "something big". Some say it's a new Bungie game, not related to Halo, while others say the big thing is an Xbox announcement and not specific to any particular developer.

Some claims were remarkably particular, suggesting a new trailer, 64-player online matches and 1080p native resolution for Halo 3. That last item, I can almost assure you, is damn near technically impossible.

Given that TGS has just wrapped up in Japan and Microsoft's year head start in the next-generation console race is just about up, it makes sense that the company would want to start making some noise right about now. Stay tuned for coverage of X06 as the event begins.