Halo Film Indefinitely Delayed?

Coming Soon has up what it claims is an official press release from Wingnut Films, detailing a joint decision by Microsoft and Wingnut to delay production of the Halo feature film until such time as they can guarantee they'll be bringing a "first class film" version of the game to screens.

Cinema Blend linked to the story with some additional commentary along the lines of go big, or stay home. Looks like the Chief is staying home... for now.

Until there's confirmation from Bungie or Microsoft we're labelling this one an unfortunate rumor.



[b]READ THIS! i have the halo movie and it is all the cutscenes from halo 1 2 & 3. NOT A JOKE. Unless its fake, (probably is, got it from Thailand.) It says DETHMOLE b4 the title screen so i dunno if its reel. o.O