Request- Halo 3 ODST OST - Track 01 (for piano)

I just found this site and am a growing fan of Halo. (I don't have the game or an Xbox but I'm still very interested in it.
Anyways, I'd really appreciate it if someone would get this for me. I am having a hard time finding the title, but you can find it here=

I'm not a expert, so if you could make it as easy as possible it would be very appreciated. I just fell in love with this song, and I'd really like it.

Thanks much!
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Halo 3 ODST prepare to drop full score

thought i would bring back some music from odst. this is the start of the full score. if you wish go ahead and modify it tell what i can change or improve so it is better. credits go to me for transcribing yay!!!!!! :) lol in here is a finale printmusic 2009 file, a midi file, and a pdf file enjoy! (remember this is just the begging not the whole song!!!)btw pptd stands for PrePare To Drop

Another rain (Rain) for Sting Orchestra with Piano and Alto Saxophone.

Haha!! I finally did it! Took me long enough, But I did it, So here it is; Another rain (Rain) for Sting Orchestra with Piano and Alto Saxophone. Some side notes to keep in mind, (somewhat) The Viola part is In treble Clef so you Violas may need to learn (or already have) Treble cleft or have People on the part as Violin III. There are 4 Cello parts. Cello I gets the Melody at certain points. and Also where there are triplets, I added so notes scaling up to the G. Cello II and III get the running 16th notes at measure 12.