Orbital Drop Shock Trooper

This is just the start of my next song. Once again i am taking a transcription done by Theawsome1 and turning into a full score. This is just the beginning of it. I will hopefully get time to finish it. Srry Darth_Kane i think you might want to check this one out instead of your lol :)

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Thats cool but you should seriously get a book to help you orchestrate. A LOT of your pitches for the instruments are WAY out of range and A LOT of your chord patterns especially for timpani are very off and near inpossible to do. Just look into that otherwise, this is what my instructor told me, "nobody will play it period." Please take this into consideration. Other than that pretty epic. Send me your email, if you want any help.

Thanks for advice, yea i do have some trouble with the drums just cause there are so many percussion instruments in the song. And it is hard to balance out all the sounds so they sound the same especially since the instruments in that change noise level a lot.

Yeah, but I looked closer at your pitches again and your chimes or tubular bells are EXTREMELY out of pitch. Both cellos (violin) are deeply out of range as is you 2nd violin, trumpet (B and C), and timpani. Your tuba and bass trombone go too high out of range. As for making percussion, put two different percussion instruments per staff. That would greatly help any percussionist out. These are my points that you should seriously fix if you want people to play your arrangement. Good luck my friend. I hope to see more of your work.

Thanks very much i am new to this and your advice really helps thanks. :)

I'm a full out music major. Composing, education, conducting, and performance. I have multiple books to help me out with composing and orchestration. I used to use printmusic, but I upgraded to legit finale. You can't do much really on printmusic. You can buy the actual full finale for $208 on ebay new. That will really help especially with percussion. I got to conduct my first composition with with a college concert band. The score is called Sea of Dreams. All my scroes have been copywrited and earn scholarships. Here's the link.


Awesome!!! that video is awesome!!!!! really cool. And thanks for advice yea i think i will get finale 2010 or i think there is going to be a finale 2011.

Well finale 2011 costs from $400-$600. There's not really any changes between 2010 and 2011. It's just the name really.

Hey, do you know how to create a symbal scrape in Finale??

Halo = The best game ever...

Just use a glisando

[quote=darth_kane]Just use a glisando[/quote]
You can have a cookie.

But what about a roll with [url=http://images.miretail.com/products/optionLarge/Zildjian/226266.jpg]orch... crashes[/url] (scraping against each other) or [url=http://www.drumza.com/images/GibraltarLargeGongStand.jpg]a large gong[/url]?

Halo = The best game ever...

not really i think you have to know were to put the note on the cymbal line. Check out the greatest journey fulls score. He has a couple symbol crashes in his.

I'm curious how do you know if it is out of pitch or range? Oh and how do I change it on finale printmusic?

Although i suppose what one could do is break it up into sections when trying to play it. Of course one would than need 8 tom toms alone lol :)