Rain - Piano and Alto Saxophone

Rain for Piano and Alto Sax. Enjoy :D

MIDI will hopefully be up soon, maybe an .mp3 too this time ;)

Package icon Rain_saxpiano.zip210.3 KB


This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Bro!!!

I already had the solo on sax, but I needed a piano accp. thanks!!!!

Bar 12 sounds a little jarring with the sudden mezzoforte. Maybe it should be slightly softer.
Great job though! The first few chords are really good!

Ohkay. I'll fix that.

I somehow just keep uploading the same .zip file again and again, even though I've changed the file completely before uploading...

I got it.

Halo = The best game ever...

The other thing I had to say, was that you should modify the last three bars of the alto solo so that it comes out to graced G# to triplets down to D then continue the D into another set of triplets to E. That's how I've always played it.

Still great job!


Halo = The best game ever...