Request for sheet music for "Roll Call"

Hey all, this is a request for someone, anyone, please, if you could produce an accurate score for piano and strings for the last section of "Roll Call" played during the Halo 3 credits. I'm suprised that score hasnt actually been made for it already because it is a really calm and lovely piece of music. I DON'T want score for the whole piece of "Roll Call", just the whole last section where it's only piano and strings which starts around 3:48 into the piece.

Leonidas Returns for String Orchestra,SA Choir and Brass

I am back! :D and as my first piece that I would like to put up is the full score of Leonidas Returns from Halo 3. :)
Tips - have at least 15 sopranos and altos together. 8 Altos and 7 sopranos. have 2 trumpets and trombones so the main melody at bar 40 can be heard. The key changes and the Tempo is 84 for quarter note. there are also alot of time changes, 3/4, 5/8 , and 4/4 time.

I'll have the individual parts in soon and the Mp3 as well :)

Finish the Fight - Mv. II This is the Hour for Concert band

I have noticed that my last blog did not have the sheet music. So I have created this new blog. :D
Flute I & II
Oboe I & II
Clarinet I - III
Bass Clarinet I & II
Bassoon I & II
Soprano Saxophone (E-mail Me for the Part at
Alto Saxophone I & II
Tenor Saxophone I & II
Baritone Saxophone I & II
Horn I - III
Trumpet I - III
Tenor Trombone I & II
Bass Trombone


I am currently trying my hardest to extract maps out of the Prima guides, but they have watermarks. So i then removed the watermarks, with no luck. So now i createda character that i thought was pretty good, um with a history that expands 30 years, as a flash clone.

Request for Roll Call on Piano

Hey guys, was wondering if anyone could please write an accurate score for "Roll Call" from the Halo 3 OST on piano. For those of you who don't know "Roll Call" is the piece played during the Halo 3 credits and I was looking for anyone to write the score from 3:48 onwards. The last part of "Roll Call" is a very soft and sensual movement played by piano and strings so if anyone could please do that I'd be (among others) very grateful. Thanks! Much appreciated.

Trumpet Tabs?

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okay so I've searched and searched and searched somemore and for the life of me I cannot find sheep music with JUST the trumpet parts in the halo themes. Thanks to you guys who post the entire orchestra mix, but I wish that you would have seperated the parts.

My request is this: I'd LOVE to get ahold of some trumpet sheet music for the Halo Genre, JUST the trumpet parts if you could please?