Rockslider Re-Opens The Floodgate

Rockslider says he was inspired by the Rampancy podcast episode on the Halo 3 level, Floodgate (part one, part two) to go back and write a detailed commentary on his own playthrough at Bad Cyborg.

Very fun read, check it out!

UPDATE:Rockslider points out that the version of this playthrough he posted was old, and that there was a more extensive one written later that he has now posted.



Er, is it ok if I sheepishly re-open that Floodgate? Today I realized that I used the wrong old draft from 2009. Lurking on my Mac was a later draft I'd honed, which was almost 50% longer. Arrgh! Anyway, I've updated the article so it's based on that longer and better draft. So if anyone wants more comment and comedy, please have a fresh read. Sorry!