Tribute for Piano

Here is the sheet music I've been working on for a while. There is a PDF and a Finale file. The beginning is rather hard to see on the PDF because Finale's layering system overlaps notes in previous layers, making it difficult to distinguish, but you should be able to figure it out. Some of the chords in the beginning are also simply impossible to play with one hand, so you may want to just pick and choose what notes you want to play.

2nd skull

-2nd skull
-mission: sierra 117
-place: after kill the brute chief, you have two options: go right or go up (where is, in heroic or legendary, the jackal sharpshooter), where is the skull (going right)
-2da calavaera
-mision: sierra 117
-lugar: después de matar al jefe brute, tienes dos opciones: ir derecho o ir por arriba (donde, en heroico o legendario, está el jackal francotirador), donde está la calavera si vas recto