Request for sheet music for "Roll Call"

Hey all, this is a request for someone, anyone, please, if you could produce an accurate score for piano and strings for the last section of "Roll Call" played during the Halo 3 credits. I'm suprised that score hasnt actually been made for it already because it is a really calm and lovely piece of music. I DON'T want score for the whole piece of "Roll Call", just the whole last section where it's only piano and strings which starts around 3:48 into the piece. I would be totally grateful to anyone who can answer this request please, I've been dying to get my hands on score for this for years. And please, if you're able to, set the score out so that the piano is what the piano plays and the strings are what the strings play, placed in their own relative staves on the score, not a hybrid of the two instruments, please, I hate it when you find score like that. Please guys, I will be eternally grateful to anyone who is able to do this for me and I'm sure that the whole community would appreciate this as well. Thanks for reading, Sammy De.



I know what youre talking about man! I'm waiting too! I'm trying to do it by can imagine.....