Halo 3 WILL have dual swords?

UPDATE: I just got a call from my cousin today saying that he just read an xbox official magazine. In it he saw an article about halo 3. It has a confirmation that bungie will put dual swords in halo 3. Although I personally have not seen the article, he has told me that he will email me a pic of the page and then i'll submitt it here if it is true.

Halo 3 will have dual swords??? Or is it just another thing that your teammates can do that you cant (dive,wallcover,hit without droping weapon when dualweilding, etc.). I recently watched the new brute documentary video on halo 3.

Halo 3 Final boss battle

Everyone has been discussing about halo 3"s boss battle at the end of the game( if there is one ). I have heard that you could be fighting gravemind and cortana, or even another brute leader. Some say that you will fight the prophet of truth. But after reading the blog HALO 3 On-line Co-Op. I decided to leave a comment on the covenant human alliance( human covenant alliance), and after looking over my comment I realized that what if the arbiter and the Master Chief become more of foes then friends.

HALO 3 On-line Co-Op

HALO 3 Co-Op speculation:
wrote this about 4 weeks ago elsewhere.

[quote]I've deduced that there MUST be Co-Op in HALO3...there has to be. Of course there is Co-Op in HALO2 off-line.
This hasn't been confirmed yet but it has to be there...with a 4 player team is what I'm envisioning.
Ooh the things I've read, studied, played, plus imagined sparks my so-called soul with the best and the worst possibilities to come in HALO3. (story line game play)