Because Two Blades Are Better Than One

Spartan182 discusses in his blog the possibility of plasma energy swords being dual-wieldable in Halo 3, based on suggestions in the Brute video documentary.

One might think this would make such characters a bit too powerful, although I'm not really sure how carrying two instant-kill weapons really makes a difference unless you can lunge in two directions, but perhaps I just lack imagination. He points out that being able to hold a sword and another weapon simultaneously-- that might be very useful indeed.



My only question about the sword: Will we still be able to fly?


You mean the lunge cancel trick? No info on it. So we cant give you a direct answer. What I want to find out is if we still can jump as high as we can in halo 2.


Check the update on my blog (Halo 3 WILL have dualswords)


[quote=spartan182]Check the update on my blog (Halo 3 WILL have dualswords)[/quote]

You must have better access to Bungie than I do - because this information is TOTALLY new to me.

(Yes, I saw the dual swords in the brute piece. I also saw the dual swords in the Graphic Novel. Neither of these in any way guarantees that there will be dual swords - playable or NOT playable - in Halo 3. So I gotta ask... where are you getting your info from?)

I'm not trying to be rude here... but has built a reputation - a well-deserved reputation - over the past 7 years; speculation is CLEARLY marked as such, and material is NOT posted as fact unless it's backed up by reasonable evidence. I'd hate to see you erode that reputation with posts like this one.

Oops I forgot to put the (?) after dualswords. This is not a fact, only a rumor based on bungie's brute documentary. I went around the net seeing what people had to say about dualwielding swords. I only put up the good ideas that people had. I said it at the top off my blog that this dualwielding swords might not even be possible. As for where I watched the documentary and got the pic was from I didnt pay much attention to where I found the thoughts of other people though. I found it wasnt really neccesary because some of the ideas were pretty stupid and surprisingly inappropriate. I have given evidence why dual swords or dulawielding swords and another weapon would be a good idea, but not why we will have dual swords. The reason for that is because I am not sure we will have dualswords. If you look at my blog, I am asking if we will have dual swords. Not saying we will have dual swords.


clue #1:

Above it says spartan182 discusses the POSSIBILITIES of dual swords. Not discusses halo 3's new feature dualswords.

On my blog the title is Halo 3 Will have dual swords?. Not Halo 3 will have dual swords.

again on my blog I ask if halo 3 will have dual swords.

again on my blog in paragragh 2, I ask if we will be able to dualwield swords AGAIN.

If you look under the title of my blog it will say: |bungie|halo 3|RUMOR|

Here are 5 clues proving to you that I DID NOT say dual swords is a fact. So if you are going to acuse me or any one else of confirming something that has not officially been confirmed. Read a little more closely, and make sure that I DID IN FACT say that dualswords was a sure feature in halo 3.

The only thing that wasnt confirmed (well it was but the page was deleted and I could not provide the evidence) was the fact that I stated that the sword was not going to be reduced in damage. Because the evidence was removed, I deleted that part of the blog when narcogen notified me.


I'm not going to get in a pissing match with you about this - but I wasn't commenting on your article, I was commenting on the note you posted after Narc's news post about your article. You said you forgot the question mark - but the comment would make no sense with a question mark; you capitalized 'WILL', which, to most of the English-speaking world, implies emphasis.

Your comment was not 'WILL Halo 3 have dualswords' (written like that, a question mark would make sense), but 'Halo 3 WILL have dualswords' - that's a declarative statement. If you can't see the difference, you probably shouldn't be writing articles for a news site.

In all fairness, he's not "writing articles for a news site". has user blogs just like sites like LiveJournal, et al. Anybody can write anything they want, just like anywhere else.

My making a front-page mention of this blog entry is just like my linking to a forum post on any other site. I don't think anybody considers HBO forum posts as "news articles". The distinction is the same, just the words are different.

Everybody relax :-)

Rampant for over se7en years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

Well, I did mark the front page post as "rumor" for precisely that reason. Although there isn't a huge precedent in's past for it, a site reader's blog is just another form of forum post, so I consider blog items fuel for discussion, not necessarily as definitive as what I'd post as news (with or without a "rumor" tag); so if I link to a blog post, I'm just drawing attention to the subject matter, not necessarily endorsing any and all information presented within as definitive :)

Rampant for over se7en years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

Good to hear from you. Did you check your email? I emailed you a couple of times for the halo 2 pdf and siege of madrigal. Oh and merry christmas. According to my timezone from the time this blog was posted it is 45 minutes till christmas!!!


It's been Christmas for 12 hours over here already :)

Yes, I got your messages-- I am still catching up, though, as I don't have internet at home any more.

Rampant for over se7en years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

Then Merry Christmas!!! About the email. Thats ok. Like I said in my most recent blog, YOU need a break. Half an hour to go! Cant wait!


AND IT IS FINALLY CHRISTMAS DAY........Well in my time zone at least!!!!!!!

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