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MereCatfish provided us with this early capture from Bungie's 7-minute-long Brute documentary. This one shows (along with an Elite and various lines of fire and information about local terrain) alterations made to the heads-up display, with the shield strength bar separated from the motion detector and placed dead center, straight up. What appear to be four grenade counters appear on the left: Frag, Plasma, Spike... and Shield? Current weapon and ammo information is in the upper right, and the lower right (where normally a single-wield weapon muzzle would protrude) is clear.

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I REALLY wish they would take out the weapon graphic, (*cough*Dave Candland*cough*) and the animation of the bullets/rounds/ammo for each weapon. There is no need to see a picture in the corners of the screen showing what gun I'm holding, cause I can already see it in my hand(s). I don't need to see a graphical animation of the bullets or ammunition decreasing because I'm too busy looking at the target I'm engaged with.

The best HUDs for FPS games have had the most minimum of profiles. (new example of this would be 'crysis'). The more that is on the screen, the more that is either getting in the way of, or distracting me from the game world I wish to see.

"Less is More." The less HUD I see, the more I will like it. The less in the way, the more you will feel immersed IN that world and the less you'll feel your just 'looking at it'.

Radar, reticle, nade/counter, ammo/counter, MAYBE a shield icon. That's it. Anything else is an unnecessary indulgence and a waste of valuable screen real-estate.

Here's an idea, why not make the shield and overshield a colored boarder on the circumference of the radar display itself? That would have a far less impact on the screen, yet still convey the necessary information to the player. The rest: Radar/Shield, lower right, reticle center middle (the REAL center this time, not slightly off vertically), ammo/grenades lower right. Keep the whole upper part clear. This I believe would be far better for game-play, target acquisition, sniping, depth of field and game immersion. Another nice option would be a player adjustable HUD transparency level to bring down the level of the hud itself to decrease (or even shut off) the HUD completely. This not only would help even more to decrease the impact the HUD's presence, but also give video makers a nice creative option to making hud-less videos.

I believe all of these are technically achievable, not very difficult to implement and would greatly enhance the entire game experience.

Dave said that some of these ideas are being considered for the next game, but that it's too late for major playability changes to the Halo 3 HUD (see this post on the HBO forum), but some of your suggestions I would hope are user-configurable. I LIKE the weapon graphic (which shows your SECOND weapon, not the one you're holding) and the ammo count - I use those every time I play. I'd be sad without them.

User-controlled transparency might solve most of your gripes... especially if each HUD component was individually configurable.

I'm not liking the 4 nad display or the shield bar in the top middle of the screen. This is work-in-progress, we all must remember that...including myself.

The 4 nad display can be smaller and go over the weapon ammo count animation. And yup we don't need to see the shape of the weapon there.
The shield display just needs to go back over, or next to, the motion cencor display.

Frankie updated the bungie.net story-- that's apparently not a shield grenade indicator, and that's not the final HUD.

In fact, he says nothing in this vid is final-- not the HUD, not the level geometry, not the models, not the texturing, not the animations, not the lighting.

Huh. They did say 2007, right?

Rampant for over se7en years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

I agree, the shield bar should go back over the radar. They do need to get rid of the gun icon and the bullets indicating how much ammo in the clip. I just need the grenades, radar, shield, and how much ammo I have for the gun. If there was anything that I needed to have extra I would put.............maybe a small icon representing you secondary weapon though it is really not neccesary.


Narcogen I recently sent you some pics about halo 3. One of them shows the title screen when you start up the game. There are others featuring gameplay.



Are you sure that is the arbiter. Looks like any other elite to me. That picture looks like it was done in multiplayer mode, and I dont think you can play as the arbiter there. Or can you???


Havent you noticed the weapon display in the right hand corner? It looks like an Assault rifle from Halo with a Battle rifle like scope. If it is, it would be and awesome merge

Yes. The Arbiter returns. I'm really looking forward to concluding the Arbiter's role in Halo 3, as well as the Master Chief's.

The HUD looks interesting too. But remember, nothing we've seen is concrete. Remember Halo 2?

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if you look at the right side of the arbiter you'll see 2 dead marines. could he have killed them. if so what about the human/elite truce.