Wideload Applies For New Trademarks

GameSpot has an item up that says Wideload Games, makers of Stubbs the Zombie for Mac, PC and Xbox, have applied for several new trademarks that may be connected to as-yet-unannounced game projects:

Another trio of trademarks was filed for by Wideload Games, the development studio behind Stubbs the Zombie. The trademarks don't appear to be part of any existing franchises, but all were filed for as names of upcoming games. Two of the games--Founding Fighters and Hail to the Chimp--seem to mirror the skewed sense of humor for which Wideload is known, but the third name claimed, Cyclone, offers little insight into the game's content. Wideload did not return GameSpot's request for comment on the filings.

Founding Fighters? Perhaps a boxing or wrestling game, or a retro-style beat-em-up. Hail to the Chimp? I thought we already had one as President these past years, but if Wideload thinks putting a real monkey in office makes a good game, maybe they're right.

The only comment we've been able to get out of Wideload these days is that something is coming "soon" as they say in the biz, so hopefully it won't be too much longer before we know what the Chicago boys are up to.