Trombone Music

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hi im fairly new to this site.
I was wondering if anyone has got any halo songs that have the trombone as one of the main instruments.
If anyone could get the sheet music for a song like that i would be really happy. If not could anyone make the songs playable on the trombone?


And if there were a movie???

Hey Everyone, here is food for thought. I have been reading the books and feel like we as a community have been left hanging by the end of the series. I also feel like there is a little to be desired about end. [b]IF[/b] anyone was to invest the time to make a movie, what time frame should it encompass? What characters should be included/left out?

What will Bungie's next project be?

This is my first post on rampancy, though I've been a long time fan of the website, I just recently created an account. One thing on my mind, is that I've been wondering what Bungie's next project will be. I'm sure loads of people are wondering. When Frankie was asked if Halo 3 would be the end of the Halo story, he was quoted saying "It will end this story arc." But what does that mean? Will there be a new game with the Master Chief? They can't just leave Master Chief floating in space can they?

Will there be a Halo 4?


I think the answer to that is a pretty safe "Yes." Bear in mind, Halo 3 did $300 million in sales in its first week. The next question is, will it be called "Halo 4" and will it feature the Master Chief (and Cortana)?

Well folks, your old Dad just finished playing Halo 3 all the way through on Legendary, and my 45 year old fingers are just as nimble as they were when I played Pong for the first time in 1974. I wanted to see that Legendary ending, and I wanted to earn it the hard way.