Is That A New Halo Game In Your Pocket?

...or is Sarcastic Gamer just happy to see you? More of you than they can handle, apparently, since the site is no longer accessible, leading me to depend on a report from Kotaku that the site, along with CVG, is citing the usual "sources" that a new Halo game will be announced at E3. Halo Chronicles? Halo 4? Lego Halo? Nothing at all? Time will tell.

UPDATE: This one continues to make the rounds: ActionTrip, Fragland, Xbox360FanBoy, and NeoGAF. The last seems to focus more on the "Superintendent" image and a possible non-Halo title.

UPDATE: I couldn't open SarcasticGamer when I posted this item, but it is visible now, and the editor assures us below that the site has been running the entire time. Specifically, the site claims Halo 4 will be announced at E3, and they've added a link to the story at CVG as corroboration of their original claim.

Apparently some readers disbelieve the rumor because it's "too early" for the announcement of another Halo game. SG replies that there's a difference between announcing game development and announcing a release date-- but in this case it really may be too early, as Halo 3 wasn't announced until 18 months after the release of Halo 2, and the release of Halo 3 was only nine months ago. Unless this game is really a content release for the Halo 3 engine, or Bungie has magically figured out a way to halve its development time for Halo games (three years per game, give or take) it means that the wait for Halo 4 will seem even longer.



Sarcastic Gamer is running just fine and has been all day, please edit your post.