Sheet music problems.

I've been working on a few songs from ODST. Rain is the song thats currently getting most of my attention. And there are many songs from the rest of the Halo games I would love to put on here.

But I have no idea how to create sheet music online(well, for free anyway.) I have Adobe Reader 7.0, so I can read PDFs, just have no idea how to create them. I've tried installing CutePDF, and that didn't help any. Also, my trial for Finale Notepad has expired.

I appreciate any help.

ODST armor

as you know i am very excited about the release of HALO 3 ODST this september, so much that i made a full set of ODST armor, this was done using the pepakura system, for those of you who know what this is than you know what im talking about, for those that dont then i would reccomend downloading this and checking it out it is definitly worth it