Mattrick Says Ryan Laughed Off E3 Snub

I thought this story would fizzle out. If certain people had much any sense, it probably would have. Yet here we are.

Eurogamer has an exclusive interview coming up tomorrow with Microsoft's Xbox 360 boss Don Mattrick. They, of course, asked him about the cancelled Bungie announcement and the studio's reaction:

"Sure they're disappointed. Any software creator would be disappointed," Mattrick, boss of the Xbox 360 business, told Eurogamer at E3 for an exclusive interview set to run later this week. "Harold [Ryan, Bungie president] just laughed and he said, 'Boy, just a sign of growth inside the business, we agree'.

Last week Ryan wrote on Bungie's website that the team was disappointed by Microsoft's last-minute decision not to unveil the game.

Pressed on the decision to pull the new Halo title from the E3 briefing, Mattrick said: "We didn't feel we needed to show Halo to have a great show, to pay homage to our core audience, to have a lot of news, so it was an embarrassment of riches and we couldn't fit it in. How great is that? I think that's awesome."

Yup, that's funny stuff there. Disappointing the only developer who has so far allowed Microsoft to make money on their incursion into the living room because they were audacious enough to go independent-- and because you've got enough other stuff? Hilarious.

What exactly was that other stuff, anyway? Because all I seem to read about MS' showing at E3 now is how there wasn't a Bungie announcement, and... oh, yeah, Final Fantasy.

Offtopic: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Final Fantasy tanks on the 360.