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i just found this place, looks like i'm 15 years late to the party. can't stay active on bungie.net anymore.
so uh, hi.

um, hi

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i'm new here, is this place still active? looks like i'm 15 years late to the party.

Piano halo music

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I looked through the music files to check for piano. I saw a lot of instruments but was wondering if there was a setting where you could choose 1 instrument. if someone could help me, I send my thanks, but if it isn't there, it would be a nice touch to add...

Halo 4 Discussion

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So, I was just thinking, and is there going to be an actual "Halo" in Halo 4? I'm assuming there would be in Halo 5 and Halo 6, but what about Halo 4? Do you think we will just be on Requiem the whole time?

Hi Rampancy!

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I made an account here over a year ago so I could download your amazing sheet music, I really love this site I visit it all the time, I just haven't been super active about posting things, but I just wanted to say hello, and I love reading the site updates, and it's great when new sheet music is posted.

Sheet music for Halo beholden track

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone might have sheet music for the halo track beholden for the piano, I know it isn't a piano song but I can select a violin voice on my piano and I just think its a really nice yet simple bit of music. I can play the very first part by ear but I'm stuck so if anyone has it I would really appreciate it. You can hear it by obviously by listening to the track which is called beholden, but it is also the first track in halo epilogue vol 2 aswell. Thanks a lot.