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Hey all,

Can anyone recommend a decent low priced keyboard? I'm getting back into playing piano (it's been many years) and wanted to start off with something low cost.

I'm looking at:

Is 76 keys enough for the sheet music on this page? I'll start with something like Siege of Madrigal and eventually work my way up to One Final Effort.



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If your looking for a decent low cost keyboard to mess around on then the WK200 (the one you are looking at) is just perfect. Personally I think that Casio is losing money on this keyboard because its quality is worth much more than $200. The first thing you will imediately notice about this keyboard is that the quality of sound ranks right up there with the $800 versions. It is amazing to say the least. One thing though, make sure to buy a sustain pedal and an AC power supply because it does not come with the keyboard.

If you are looking to be more serious then I would recommend that you save up for a Yamaha model. The best one among reviews is the Yamaha YPG-625 for $600. If you are looking to go all out try the Yamaha P-155 for $1000. Ultimately the decision is up to you and what you like on your piano. The only real fault for the WK200 is that it is 76 keys but it should be enough to play most of the songs on here. I recomend that you start out with this and then upgrade to one of the others mentioned above later on. Hope I helped!! If you have any more questions feel free to ask.