Halo music arrangement for high school orchestra/band/choir

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My high school's orchestra is packed with Halo fans, and we were hoping to perform some of the music in the spring. I've been arranging pieces from the soundtrack by ear into a suite on Finale for a band/orchestra/choir combination; however, my high school director is freaked about getting copyright permission from the Halo score publishers before performing any of my arrangement. I've seen a lot of fan transcribed sheet music posted here, as well as a video online of a high school orchestra performing one of the transcriptions from this site.

New Greenhorn

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Hey I'm the new guy to join rampancy.net I have to say this site pretty intelligent compared to some of the other fan sites I have come across over the last couple of years.

I will have something to post sooner than later when I get so days off of work.

Terry Gillett

Needler: good or bad

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a friend of mine believes (foolishly in my opinion) that the needler in halo: combat evolved, was a terrible weapont that no one ever used. I think that it was a good weapon that was quite deadly in the right hands. I thought that either he or me could finally be proven correct if i brought it up here. Let the masses give me an answer