Orchestra (Only Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass)

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I am a cellist in a beginning 6th grade orchestra. By this I mean only Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Double Basses. I was wandering if anyone could arrange the main Halo Theme but for the seperate instruments. I mean, you might as well have only your part in the sheet music so it doesn't waste paper. Am I right? Well, if anyone that is reading this someone that can put that together with some software. I would appreciate it.

halo combat evolved theme or any original for violin

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hi, i was looking at your amazing colection of sheet music. Its really cool, but the main halo theme was always very different to the original. Im looking for the original piece, or one that is 99% alike. The one with 2 voices of violin and one probably from a cello. It would be pretty awesome. Could you post it please??? Thx

halo main theme arrangement

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I need to make a band arrangement for my band class to play and its worth a lot of band mark so if anybody can transpose the song.Id appreciated very much.

I just need 8 bars of the halo main theme for these instrument

flute, Clarinet,alto sax,b.sax,french horn,tuba,bass guitar,xylophone/guitar,percussion,bar.tc,trumpet.1,trumpet.2

If anyone did it they can send me through this hotmail iviet@hotmail.com

Do you use Lilypond?

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For most people out there Finale and Sybalius (spelling) are the two major forms of producing sheet music and music in general, I was wondering if there is anyone out there that uses Lilypond. Seeing that its not as wide spread as Finale but I am curious to see if there is anyone else out there.

HALO music for Junior High bands

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Hey since we have so many musical geniuses (soory for my spelling), I'm a member of my jr. highs top band and i was wanting to know if anybody was willing to write some HALO music for my band to try to play. We have 10 flutes, 11 clarinets, 3 oboes, 5 alto saxs, 6 french horns, 4 euphoniums, 2 tenor saxs, 1 berry sax, 2 bassons, 1 bass clarinet, 5 tubas, 6 trumpets, 8 or 9 trombones, and 8 percusionists. If anybody is willign to do this i would be forever in your debt!