Sheet music problems.

I've been working on a few songs from ODST. Rain is the song thats currently getting most of my attention. And there are many songs from the rest of the Halo games I would love to put on here.

But I have no idea how to create sheet music online(well, for free anyway.) I have Adobe Reader 7.0, so I can read PDFs, just have no idea how to create them. I've tried installing CutePDF, and that didn't help any. Also, my trial for Finale Notepad has expired.

I appreciate any help.



As far as I know CutePDF doesn't edit or create pdf's directly, it just prints to pdf format. What this means is that you need to have some music score writer (e.g. finale series), and then after you have finished writing your score, you can make it into a pdf by pressing ctrl-P (i.e. print) and then setting the printer to "CutePDF" instead of your default printer.

Seeing that as your trial has run out, you could probably just download the other trials e.g. the Finale Allegro trial or something. I wouldn't mind helping you write out the scores in Finale though if you could scan the sheets to me or something. Hope this helps :]

I found a .zip file that contains Finale notepad from the years 2003-2008.
Some kind person put all of the installers together in this file.

You don't need to pay for it as Finale Notepad was free software up until the 2009 version came out.

Thanks alot for the help.

I was able to use Finale Alegro, and my plan is to post "Rain/Light At The End" in the next 24 hours. :)