"Chomber" from Marathon. Out of place rests are Sibelius's fault. The four ascending notes confused me. Perhaps someone else has an idea... The little box at the bottom line should be followed very closely.


Sheet music for Halo beholden track

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone might have sheet music for the halo track beholden for the piano, I know it isn't a piano song but I can select a violin voice on my piano and I just think its a really nice yet simple bit of music. I can play the very first part by ear but I'm stuck so if anyone has it I would really appreciate it. You can hear it by obviously by listening to the track which is called beholden, but it is also the first track in halo epilogue vol 2 aswell. Thanks a lot.

Request - Havoc for Piano - Halo: Helljumper

I love the music from Halo: Helljumper. The trailer music - Havoc - was produced by Bassment Productions and I can't find sheet music for it anywhere (to my dismay) - Could someone mind helping out? :)Really love the community here at, hope someone interested transposes it for piano! :)

Thanks for reading!

Ark Suite for Full Orchestra

NOTICE; I am still in process of writing/arranging this piece, I will have it up in possibly a week please be patient. :)
So after a few months of inactivity, I might as well submit a score I have been making for quite sometime. This is the Halo 3; Ark suite for full orchestra. The suite is a multi - movement piece I have created for well; full orchestra. :) enjoy~
Durration; 7 minutes
Difficulty; 5
Farthest Outpost
Make them Pay
Behold, A Pale white horse

Leonidas Returns For Piano

This is Leonidas Returns from the Halo 3 OST.

It´s the last track on the song called Three Gates.

Credits to Davin Eastman for the orchestal arrangement and roddypatooty for post and twesks.

Te rar file contains a MIDI and a pdf.

The difficulty for me is 6/10 in a 85% of the song, and 8/10 in the other 15%.

If you have problems with the rar file try using 7-zip or WinRAR to open it.