Halo 4 Music

hello everyone, this is just an ANNOUNCEMENT that i will be doing sheet music for various songs and themes from recent halo 4 songs. I am open to suggestions so please let me know



Official Halo 4 OST Sample:

And a generous fan who transcribed the first revealed motif in both Working at 343 Industries and Halo 4: First Look videos:

alright sounds good, i was gonna do both those and the directors cut music, maybe the concept art trailer music too, the halo 4 music has really taken a new turn, and i love it :)

Thank you so much for putting a lot of effort in transcribing and inputting the notes for the Halo 4 pieces! Best of luck! :)

I like this one. It's pretty dark and mysterious. Sounds pretty easy to play, but I'm not very good at transcription.


Please do arrival and to galaxy

To galaxy

It would be awesome if you could PLEASE transpose "To Galaxy" for piano with a midi to accompany it.

Can you please do Haven

Can you transcribe revival for orchestra?

Please transcribe Haven for any instrument/ arrangement you see fit. It would be much appreciated. Link to listen to it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1RDvcfcs9o let me know what you think.

And yet nobody has suggested 117 for an orchestra.
Could do it if you like a challenge.
Awakening and Belly of the Beast would be nice too.

Can you transcribe "Solace" for an orchestra? It's one of the most beautiful pieces in the Halo 4 soundtrack.