Finish the Fight for concert band - Movement I - Duties

Finish the fight the first movement - "Duties" (i name things so please don't get confused) this has the first 18 measures of the song. it's a nice slow,tense build up till it gets to movement two which i like t call "This is the hour" Enjoy. Like I Do with all of my works, i include the actual score so you may us this in as a whole set. Thank you Jonathan Churchill for the score and tablature for this piece.

Difficulty : 3

Earth City for concert band

Here is one of my latest work. I have been arranging Earth city,Movement two for 3 months now and i have finished it. it's a incredibly hard song to learn and i advise people to us it or play it in a high grade concert or symphonic band (or you can just us it to play alone and get the parts for you.) Enjoy. Thank you Poop Scoop for the Orchestral version of this piece. with out it.. this wouldn't happen.. so thank you :) P.S.

Follow our Brothers Movement I - The Wait

Here is Movement I of Follow our Brothers... (To me it is more organized). First 'Movement' is The Wait. the second movement is Brother in arms. But I'm posting the first one for now. It's nice and slow and basically a good song for a beginning Orchestra. Enjoy =) Thank you Mike Poe for the Tablature for this song =)
Difficulty : 2 1/2
Instrument list:
Violin I
Violin II
Violin III (Or Viola)
Violoncello I
ViolonCello II

Never Forget

Here is my version of"Never Forget". Thank you The-Halo-dragon For the Tabs, and notes for this song. i have added a small Woodwind mix in the track so a small woodwind band may play it as well. Enjoy! P.S. I will also add the Score Transcribed by The-Halo-dragon. on to the file so you may have the full set. Again, Thank you The-Halo-dragon. :)
Difficulty: 3 (notes that are a whole step from each other)
Instrument list:
Orchestra (Violin I & II , Viola , Cello and Contrabass in one)
Alto Saxophone

Greatest Journey Sheet Music

I noticed in the version of the song, Greatest Journey, that's posted on this site that the first string and chorus intro was missing. That was one of my favorite parts of the song, so I decided to try and figure it out on my own. Here's what I got, I hope its right. It sounded just like it (to me).
In the folder is a MIDI file and Finale PrintMusic file.