Never Forget Final Version

Ok I am certain that this piece is now as accurate as it can get without being the real deal. I have taken all of my transcriptions as well as Halo Dragon's transcription and combined them together to create one perfect Never Forget. I fixed all areas that sounded wrong from Halo Dragon's transcription and also added my fixed parts to the song. Some parts are marked as optional as they are not actually in the song and unneccessary to play. I have included them in the transcription because they make the overall song sound much better.

Believe Halo 3 TV AD

This is the song that was played in the Believe trailer for Halo 3. The song is a shortened version of Frederic Chopin's Raindrop Prelude number 15. I made some changes to it to make it sound more like the trailer and less like the actual song. The file is for Finale Notepad 2009 (mus).

Don't have Finale Notepad 2009? Use this link to fin out how to get it:

halo main theme arrangement

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I need to make a band arrangement for my band class to play and its worth a lot of band mark so if anybody can transpose the song.Id appreciated very much.

I just need 8 bars of the halo main theme for these instrument

flute, Clarinet,alto sax,b.sax,french horn,tuba,bass guitar,xylophone/guitar,percussion,,trumpet.1,trumpet.2

If anyone did it they can send me through this hotmail