Keep What You Steal (Strings and Piano)

This is the theme that you hear as soon as you find Cortana. In the file it will show parts for the violin, cello, and of course the piano.

UPDATE:I have changed a few errors, added some missing notes and adjusted the tempo of the song. I also changed the time signatures in a lot of places to make it look better. There is now a pdf.

Note: I have the violin and cello's midi set as string ensemble to sound much more like the original piece. If you would like to play it normally, click "window" at the top of the page and select instrument list. You can change the sound from there.

As always, the file is only for .mus (Finale Printmusic 2009). If you don't have Printmusic 2009 then use this link to get it:

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Thank you for all sheets!
I did a lot for this page...Thank you very much!


You might want to download the new file to have the revised piece. The other one had some mistakes.


Ah shit, im so sorry,
i meaned: YOU did so much for this page ^_^"

keep getting errors using MusicReader4

[quote=coldest_live_wire]keep getting errors using MusicReader4[/quote]

I have added a pdf version for you to see now. I don't know a whole lot about MusicReader but I do know that this file should open up just fine using finale. The program I used here is Finale Printmusic 2008. You can download the latest version at or you can download Finale Reader (same site). Both of those programs should open the mus without any problems.