Follow Our Brothers Movement II-Brothers in Arms (Revised)

I have now completely revised this song. It is still in 4/4 time but, it seems to be more acurate still. Tell me if I've improved.

This is the complete 2nd movement of the song, Follow Our Brothers. This movement of the song sounds very similar to "Brothers in Arms" from Halo 1. I included a lot of dynamics to make sure it would sound as acurate as possible. Feel free to change that if you want. I did not put any of my own additions to the song I purely made it like it is on the soundtrack. Feel free to tell me of any mistakes and I will change them as soon as I can. If you are going to one-star it, please don't do that and not tell me why.

More pdfs coming soon.

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Very good! The only error I noticed was the oboe trill at the 23rd measure. It is C D C Bb (you add the last 16th note in the measure to the trill) then the long C. You should do some polish at the "Impend"-ish part, my ears cought some notes there...

I really only have one major qualm with this arrangement: it's supposed to be in 12/8. That will remove every single triplet figure.

Other than that, and a few note issues (nothing too major...), I like it!

Oh I will take a look. That is what I thought in the first place, but I used 4/4 to make it easier to read, but I will edit it and see what happens. Thanks for your help.