Winter Contingency - Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf from Halo: Reach. Enjoy.

Difficulty: 4.68

10/16.10 - Improved sheet music. The new one is tagged "_2".

- You should utilize the pedal from measures 31 - 32 and 37 - 38.

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I love it!Not much sharps!YES!Thanks a lot.


Travel light, First to Fight.

Think you could transcribe this into an Alto Saxaphone part?


yay sax bro! and member piano is in C were in eflat u can transcribe urslef:)

I have no idea how to transcribe myself :) Can someone do it for me? Consider it a contest. The first person who can transpose it to e flat and email me the file (, pdf only please) wins.

Wow, this is perfect. Awsome job.

"Bolt Actions speak louder than words"

how do i get to the sheet music?

Nicely done! I think I'll take the time to learn this if I ever get done with Birth of a Spartan.


One question? Instead of rwriting stuff like C flats that can b annoying to learn during play of a song like this when you can use what ever the real note is so people don't have to think about it?

Could you specify where in the sheet music you found a C flat?


You mean the sharps and flats in the beginning?

Halo = The best game ever...

I love the people who share the music. Halo Reach: Lone Wolf music. YOU did this. YOU shared music. Thanks.