Finish the Fight for concert band - Movement I - Duties

Finish the fight the first movement - "Duties" (i name things so please don't get confused) this has the first 18 measures of the song. it's a nice slow,tense build up till it gets to movement two which i like t call "This is the hour" Enjoy. Like I Do with all of my works, i include the actual score so you may us this in as a whole set. Thank you Jonathan Churchill for the score and tablature for this piece.

Difficulty : 3

Instrument List :
Flute I
Flute II
Oboe I
Oboe II
Bassoon I
Bassoon II
Alto Saxophone I
Alto Saxophone II
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone I
Baritone Saxophone II
Clarinet I
Clarinet II
Clarinet III

French Horn I
French Horn II
French Horn III
Trumpet I
Trumpet II
Trumpet III
Trombone I
Trombone II
Bass Trombone
Euphonium I
Euphonium II

Bass Drum



How do I open the music files? What program do I need?
The .pdf of the conductor score looks great but I would really like to be able to print off the music for use in our band (even if it is only level 3)

Uh. The program I used is garage band, though I have upgraded to musescore, (which you can google and just download it from the net) Would you like me to write this and send the fine version of it to you when I am finished?

:? Hey I was just wondering if you've posted the rest of the song anywhere?