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Fat Man (remixed) Anonymous (not verified) 03.14.07
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Steve Campbell of fame has put a notice on his new site,, that it is close to opening:


Commentators: Shikai Wang, Paul Russell, Rob McLees, Marty O'Donnell. This version recorded with a fan audience.

Followup to Warthog Jump, featuring a variety of jump, some humor at the expense of whining Halo fans, and a very special visit from one of Bungie's other games.

The theme song from Mystery Science Theater 3000, set to video from Halo 1, by Patroclus.

Here's our mirror of Team Overkill's Breaking The Rules video.

A little bit of everything here; some nicely timed jokes and some interesting early Halo 1 tricks.
The first infamous warthog jump movie; this one is truly amazing, a must-see, and was at one time the most popular file ever hosted here.


Seven giant feet tall it looms large. Four hundred pounds, itТs unmovable. Scarred with stupid magnets, lame kidТs drawings and pointless bits of informational papers. It intimidates me. The motor inside it hums irregularly like something alive. The refrigerator has become old and mean looking from years of abuse.


Straying off our beaten path and onto another, I happened upon an editorial at the Townhall written up by fellow Myth veteran HWEDung. An interesting read in its own right, it attracted a response from Bungie's Webmonkey Yeroen suggesting a brighter future for Bungie fans:


This just in from Freewill on CPHL: the Bungie gathering planned for Macworld San Francisco is on track, with easily enough people already checking in to ensure that it will happen. In addition to a goodly number of players and some Bungie folk, Total Audio's Marty O'Donnell will on hand, so who knows, you might get some Halo music info while you're there.

And if you do, report it! ;)


Noctavis, founder of the Pax Nimbus, sends word that the ring's site is now up and open to the public:


That's right--the HL server is up before the site! Noctavis sends word that a new, dedicated Halo server is now up and running. And here's a bit about it:

Right now it's a bit spare in the files area, since it is so new, but we plan on tossing up every last tidbit we can find regarding HALO as soon as possible. We also anticipate some intermittent outages over the next 24 hours, while our SysAdmin shifts a few things around.

We're still making the necessary preparations to launch HaloNews.Com itself.... Stay tuned!


Completely non-Blam related, Biodegrader is a Deathmatch fixer plugin currently under development and testing by Badlands, as well as a brave few others. Due to the lack of a major HL distribution center, I've posted a copy of it here, so anyone willing to try it out and file bug reports is welcome to grab it and give it a whirl.