The Bungie Community

Straying off our beaten path and onto another, I happened upon an editorial at the Townhall written up by fellow Myth veteran HWEDung. An interesting read in its own right, it attracted a response from Bungie's Webmonkey Yeroen suggesting a brighter future for Bungie fans:

That said, Freewill, Steve from, me, and a few others have been talking for a bit about starting a Bungie fan club, where players are encouraged to gather locally to play Bungie games and enjoy the thrills of screaming at each other on a LAN. We've all had friends come and go online -- hopefully this will encourage more lasting friendships. I have support from The Man for this venture (the FanFest support was just a taste), but its long term success and implementation depends on all of you, our fans. If you have opinions on this idea or would like to be involved send me a note or reply to this post and let's see what happens. Thanks!

Once again, that post can be found here, at the Townhall Editorial forum. Be sure to voice your support... it never hurts to remind Bungie that we're as eager to make things happen as they are.