HaloNews HL

That's right--the HL server is up before the site! Noctavis sends word that a new, dedicated Halo server is now up and running. And here's a bit about it:

Right now it's a bit spare in the files area, since it is so new, but we plan on tossing up every last tidbit we can find regarding HALO as soon as possible. We also anticipate some intermittent outages over the next 24 hours, while our SysAdmin shifts a few things around.

We're still making the necessary preparations to launch HaloNews.Com itself.... Stay tuned!

I stopped by, and it's looking good (if a bit empty... that will remedy itself over time, though). The IP addy is, but most people will find that hotline.halonews.com works just as well.

And one more thing--Noc is looking for some skilled artists and 3D modellers for more than just the HaloNews project , so if you fit the bill, get in touch with him