Pax Nimbus Site Online

Noctavis, founder of the Pax Nimbus, sends word that the ring's site is now up and open to the public:

Greetings from the Pax Nimbus! Our ring has been in existence since the latter part of September, when a number of participants in the community's forums decided it would be fun to train for Halo during the countdown to H-Day. Mac and PC users coexist peacefully within our group, though we're still waiting for a better bi-platform solution. (We've joked about telling Dynamix to hurry with Tribes 2, so that we can practice using their inferior product! Somehow I don't think they'd laugh... ;-) C'mon by to learn a little about us... the URL is There's no reason we all can't be friendly before the carnage begins.

The Pax Nimbus is among the first organized (and active) Halo groups, and its members are some of the most active in the fledgling community (you can pick them out in the forums by their =PN= tag). The site itself is very well done, and definitely worth a visit, especially if you're looking to organize your own group and need to see how it looks when it's done right.