The Refrigerator


Seven giant feet tall it looms large. Four hundred pounds, itТs unmovable. Scarred with stupid magnets, lame kidТs drawings and pointless bits of informational papers. It intimidates me. The motor inside it hums irregularly like something alive. The refrigerator has become old and mean looking from years of abuse.

I can feel the refrigerator isnТt happy. It wants to pay us back for all those times we didnТt clean up spilt milk or washing itТs rusting and dusty outsides. Every damn day it stores our food and receives no form of appreciation! We are making it hate us. But I say to myself it isnТt alive it canТt do anything to usЕright?

Yesterday we found dad crushed under the refrigerator. Oddly it was still standing. We stood in front of it, pondering how it could fall on dad yet raise back up to itТs normal position. Then the refrigerator fell on us.



well i have a fridge, but not a refrigerator,

i think a "fridge" is it's first life or something, and when it finally becomes a refrigerator, it's like some kind of zombie kitchen thrall.

if you catch my drift.