Should Halo 3 be the last in the series?

22% (780 votes)
70% (2421 votes)
8% (267 votes)
Total votes: 3468
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yea it should theres no reason to make a halo 4

... the obvious "more money" reason. However, I'd like to see Bungie do something fresh, totally different, and genre-busting.

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Halo 3 did $170 million in sales on opening day. That's 170 million good reasons to make Halo 4. Some loose ends that need tying up:

[spoiler]1) Unless the gravemind took all of his infectious little beasties with him, there is still an active flood infestation on Delta Halo.

2) According to the booklet in the limited edition of Halo 3, the prophets are a race, and there are others out there in the galaxy, stationed in other places.

3) The galaxy is still littered with forerunner artifacts.[/spoiler]

4) Most important, Bungie has already written a "story bible" containing a lengthy future history that goes far past the events in Halo 3.

I doubt that the Bungie guys are just going to close up shop and all go fishing. There will be other Bungie games set in the Halo universe.

Charles M

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I think that they should make another halo definitely bungie would be stupid not to......[spoiler]sides they left so much going on like wat was this thing that mc landed on on legendary and then there is the question what happened to all the other flood and not forgeting the rest of the covenant just because truth is dead doesn't mean that the covenant won't carry on the fight. They could even make a game about mc(john) before the first halo in reach[/spoiler]


All those questions will most likely be answered in a Halo comic or graphic novel.

[spoiler]What about the last battle with the brutes as shown in the Halo Beleive video??
And you cant just leave John floating in space. [/spoiler]

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of course it should halo games are the best games for xbox.

[spoiler]No, they should continue the series it would be a shame if they discontinued it. Plus if you played through the game on legendary there was that extra clip at the end showing Master Chief's ship hurtling towards that large, probably forerunner, mechanical orb planet thing. They definitely left an opening to continue Halo which they should have and I think they should keep making it but yeah it would be nice to see some new games.[/spoiler]

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[spoiler]listen the planet thing is onyx the planet where there are two other spatans like Master Cheif...

soo the bungie crew will definetly make a halo 4 or 5[/spoiler]

wow more spartans thats kinda cool do they like fight each other or something

How about $300 million dollars in an opening week... That's a lot of reason.

No because master chief and cortana left a beacon and what if the bruts find them. Or they activate one of the halos. what then. On the down side the rumor is that it will not come out till 2011.

I think itll be cool to have some kinda game w/ orbiter as the main character coming back to be like a bounty hunter or something stelthy like that

the legendary ending left me with nothing but questions.

Such as?

Rampant for over se7en years.

yes if u have played it and weatched the movies before and after the creditasyou woul;d know what happens and a halo 4 would wreck the entire story line because there is on reason to make one.

they're making a halo wars! which is a prequel to halo: comvbat evolved. telling the story of why the war was being fought and how it started!!! but again you should know this if yuo pay attention to the CLIPS!!!!!

NO HALO 4!!!!!

Bungie is not making Halo Wars.

Ensemble Studios is making Halo Wars.

Rampant for over se7en years.

apparently you didnt beat it on legendary bcz of if you did you would have known that the master chief and cortona are still alive and kicking. there waiting to be rescued and when that happens guess what? boom halo 4!!!!!!

If you saw the legendary ending you'd think twice. In fact, you'd probably give way more credence to the idea that halo and marathon are, in fact, in the same universe. Also, remember that a Bungie exec even said the main character in marathon and halo are one in the same.

No one from Bungie ever said any such thing. In fact, they've said quite the opposite. Please provide a citation or a link if you're going to assert something like that.

There's nothing Bungie can put out in a few seconds of clip that rectifies a few hundred inconsistencies in timeline, locations, and technology.

For instance, in Halo, "smart" AIs have a lifespan of only 7 years. Durandal would never have survived to become Rampant if this were true in the Marathon universe.

Rampant for over se7en years.

And if you saw the halo 1 legendary ending you'd know Sgt. Johnson shacks up with an Elite and dies in the first Halo's explosion. Is that canonical too?

-- Steve'll point out that weird things happen when you try to make an omelete out of Easter Eggs.

I just watched the extra bit after the Legendary ending, and:

[spoiler]I don't think it in any way links Halo and Marathon. That structure there neither looks like Mars, nor the Marathon. The Marathon was hollowed out of one of Mars' small moons, one that isn't even spherical in shape.

That thing looks like some kind of Forerunner structure. Perhaps the collapsing portal dropped them near another ring. Perhaps the Ark was not destroyed. Perhaps it's a Forerunner vehicle come to investigate the ring's firing. It could be anything. I don't think it's the Marathon, or any link to Marathon.[/spoiler]

Rampant for over se7en years.

Regarding Narc's comment about the Legendary clip

[spoiler]I heard a theory that it might be the Dyson Sphere that was mentioned in "The Ghosts of Onyx." Just bringing it to attention, because I haven't read that one and I really want to after hearing that. I can't recall whether Halsey was there or not, because that would be interesting. It might make a bit of sense too, considering how canon the first book became, what with some of Cortana's lines in Halo 3. Since "Onyx" was released and written during the creation of Halo 3, Bungie may have thought it would be okay to let Nylund take a peek at the bible to get that last one as canon as possible. Well at least it makes sense to me.[/spoiler]

Now I'm just rambling.

I need to make an account. I'm horrendous at math. LOL

[spoiler]In a way there could be another halo game or a marathon remake, which to me seems as though could be a sequel to the halo series, the chief is in another universe after all and falls to some sort of planet, then again it could be a shield world.[/spoiler]

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Bungie lost its luster when Microsoft "bought" them. I loved how Bungie stated in the beginning that they were "working" with Microsoft more than being "bought". It changed the Bungie team's tune, making them like every other carbon copy game studio. Anyone remember Ling Ling and the freaky talking head and his dog? (I think it was called the Disembodied Soul). That kind of stuff disappeared REAL quick after the transition.

Let's face it, folks...the design of great games like Marathon and Oni will be remembered only in the eyes of the Open Source Aleph One team. Graphics aren't the only thing that makes a great's what you can do during play that makes it fun.

While parts of Halo 2 and 3 are for the most part like Halo and Marathon, it displays a lot of the shortcomings typical of Microsoft's constant push to release sub-par products to keep the cash flowing. Vista anyone?

I dunno where Jason Jones is now, but Alex Seropian is busy playing CEO of another gaming company making games like "Stubbs the Zombie"....WTF is THAT?!

I would do anything to see the creativity of those two Bungie visionaries come back in a 1st person shooter. They made DOOM look like an dated Atari game back in 1994 with the release of Marathon...I wanna see more of that kind of work.

I see somebody hasn't watched the Halo 3 Legendary disc content. (Hint; you see Ling-ling, on camera, no foolin'. And the steps toward World Domination are laid out. And you see Joe Staten's "" stuff.) And I work with the Soul, though he's, er, changed a bit over the years.

-- Steve also thinks that the "Bungie sold out" crap was old when Halo 1 was released.

Frankie O'Conner said that this is the last Halo game in this STORY ARC. He never said that this is the last Halo game.

Also, don't forget Peter Jackson is making a Halo related title somewhere in the Halo timeline and Ensamble making Halo Wars based in 2531 in the Halo timeline.

Halo, like Star Wars, has unlimited possible story lines and stories from the books that have not been touched on. I think that it is highly likely that we will see a game based before the original Halo in the Reach storyline that Nyland touched on in the "Fall of Reach". If that is possible, imagine the size of that battles that there would be if you added in other Spartans, even if the Master Chief isn't in it. You also have the other Spartans in the Dyson Sphere from the Ghosts of Onyx.

There is so much left in the Halo universe that has not been touched on that it would be a pity to end it all here.

I could've sworn I'd posted my own comment on the poll here earlier... the grey cells, they clearly need more coffee.

I'm dearly hoping that Bungie will retire the Halo series, or at least put it into stasis for a while. Not that I have anything against Halo; far from it, it's the game that brought me into Bungie fandom and it's the series of theirs I love the most. It's just that they've been working on nothing but Halo for the past, what, nine years? That has to be wearing thin by now, and I'd rather see the series end while it's still fresh than run itself down doing the same old thing over and over.

If Bungie could bring something new to the plate, a new IP and a new genre as they did when following Marathon with Myth, then I think it'd cleanse their pallete and refresh the studio creatively. After that, then, maybe more set in the Halo universe when they can take an entirely new approach to it.

-- Steve'd love to see their take on the RTT genre after all this console and 3D experience, though it'd have to be very different from Halo in order to avoid stepping on Ensemble's "Halo Wars" toes.

Not being a Bungie fan-boy, and additionally not giving a rat-ass petute about how "tired" their staff may be of Halo, I say Halo 4? BRING IT ON!!!!!

And you'd be the first one to whine if it didn't measure up to the other three... sometimes it takes passion to add that extra bit of quality to a game series, and when that's lacking you end up with a game that's lacking.

Bored developers make for tired games. I don't need any more tired games in my collection, kthnx.

-- Steve's not interested in "moar H4l0z @ 4ny co$t", he's interested in good games no matter the title.

Well after I played and finished Halo 3, and after all. I have something to say:
Guys! If Bungie wants to finish Halo vg series or If they want to kill forever the MC, They could do it... not with an ambiguous end in H3, they give us "hope". Just think that Bungie boys are playing with us.... of course they will make another videogame about halo, or the MC, maybe with another name, but they'll do it. So my friends please dont give up... we will have more aventures with the master chief....

why stop what I believe to be the best shooter series ever made?

Because all good things must come to an end.

Because Bungie has been good so far coming up with original intellectual property (Pathways Into Darkness, Marathon, Myth, Oni, Halo) and I'd prefer to see something else new, in a new genre, than a seventh shooter).

Because part of being good is attracting and retaining good people, and people can get tired doing the same thing year after year.

Because the point of giving up absolute control over the Halo franchise and allowing Ensemble Studios and Wingnut Interactive to make Halo games is so that Microsoft can keep the franchise going while freeing Bungie up to work on at least one other project.

Because the Xbox platform has enough shooters and needs some variety. If Bungie could develop a non-shooter system-seller, wouldn't Microsoft want them to do it?

Is Halo a system seller because it's a good game? Or because it's a good shooter?

Rampant for over se7en years.

i think THIS series of halo should end. they ended it pretty well, but i think theyll do other halo related things like the fall of reach game and fleet commander type stuff, as well as other fps with relation to the haloverse

no if they want to finish the game master chief should die

Heck no, this is the chance to make new and more powerful weapons,vehicles,tanks,aircrafts,ships,graphics,spartans, armor,alies,enemies,equipment,levels,achivements, forge items,melee weapons,medals,and bigger maps.

on halo3 can u drive a pelican they have to make a new halo because i wont to drive a pelican
also they forgot about the xbox not the 360 but the normal xbox plz halo3 on normal xbox

In reference to several other comments that have been made, people tire. The consumers, those who buy and play the game tire, and start to yearn for other games that have similar, yet unique appeal. But more importantly, the producers tire. Bungie should not continue to make more Halo games, because eventually, they will come to the point where they almost cannot. I mean, honestly, Halo:CE was brilliant when it originally entered the videogame scene with the debut of the most powerful console of the generation. It was innovative, it had style, originality, enjoyable gameplay... it would have been perfect if not for a few design flaws. However, the concept grows old and, agreeing with a previous poster, starts to decline. We need another series, another concept in order to maintain not only our interest in such games, but Bungie's interest. No-one can stay interested in creating a particular series, especially if they have a constant story arc and similar gameplay, enough to maintain quality. That's why I personally believe that it is an excellent idea to allow both Ensemble Studios and Wingnut to utilise the concept of Halo to create a new angle on the series. Both groups are incredibly capable, and they will make sure that they make interesting games. And why shouldn't they? I mean, Ensemble Studios has many brilliant real time strategies under its belt [Age of Empires II comes to mind] and Wingnut has proven itself before in several areas. These groups have not created a Halo game before, so they will have motivation to try something new, to experiment. However, it should end. Personally, I would be happiest having no more Halo games after these two. It's better to let the series rest in peace rather than work it to death.
And now that my main spiel is over, I will answer the original topic question. NO. Halo 3 should be the last game in the series of that particular story arc, and only Halo Wars and the product that Wingnut will produce should touch on the Halo universe again, at least in the sense of videogames. Eric Nylund did an excellent job with The Fall of Reach novel, and although it is the only Halo novel I have read, I believe that the others would be of similar quality. Leave people like Nylund to finish fleshing out the Halo universe. We have three games, and we're looking at another two. Five games. Honestly, it's enough.
And to anybody who says that Halo 3 should be available on Xbox, I say no. Hell, I don't even have an Xbox 360, so I can't play Halo 3, but it still should be strictly Xbox 360 and PC at a later time. Porting it to the Xbox would take longer, and the majority of Xbox players now own 360s anyway. It's unnecessary, and PC players deserve a port because they were Bungie's original market.


'and PC players deserve a port because they were Bungie's original market'

Actually, the Mac was Bungie's original market

Halo 3 for Xbox 1? Not going to happen, my friend.

Pretty sure it'd be damn nigh impossible, for the same reason you're not going to get Bioshock or Gears of War for the first Xbox.

Rampant for over se7en years.

No. First of all, there's a lot of money to be made. And even though Halo 3 was overhyped, people would still go for another one. And the game still has a lot of 'lost information' or stuff we're still not clear about (such as the ending). But maybe they won't continue it as Halo 4, but maybe start a new thing altogether that would just be like the events after that.

halo 4 should come out because in halo 3 i didnt think campaign was very good it was interseting but not very idk but multiplayer kicked major butt!!!! they should make halo 4 and be focused on campaign and a little less multiplayer because not everyone can play online

Halo 3 should definetly not be the last in the series. It has stunning graphics and the visuals are great. The storyline is explosive. They must continue the saga

I agree, but alot of my frineds and myself's parents can;t afford an xbox 360 and by the time the halo 4 comes out ( if it does) there will probably be a f***ing xbox 740! and that wouold be less sales for them.. they should maybe make their range wider.

It's too bad you can't upgrade to the latest machine; but then again, the Xbox 360 itself only costs about as much as a high end PC gaming card (without the PC). Microsoft intentionally launched early this generation to gain an advantage, I think it is highly unlikely we'll see a new console in only 3-4 years from them. The Xbox 1 was a way to get the foot in the door, and the 360 is only just now positioned to be profitable after two years on the market.

Aside from that, it's normal for people left out to say that the company should widen its market to make more sales, but Halo 3 is already on track to eventually sell more than the previous installments, so where are the lost sales?

Even if Halo 3 could be made somehow to run on the Xbox, it would certainly be seriously degraded (to be honest, given the size of environments and encounters, let alone graphical detail, I don't think it could even be done. It'd be an entirely different game, with less detail, fewer enemies, smaller levels.

Frankly, people would feel they got ripped off to spend $60 for an Xbox game that is only a pale imitation of the 360 version, and that would only hurt sales.

This isn't a casual game that can easily be made to run on a wide variety of platforms with different capabilities. This is near the bleeding edge, graphically and computationally.

Rampant for over se7en years.

bungie n microsoft split coz microsoft didnt want 2 fund halo anymore so bungie are making another game(s) independantly!!!!!

I believe you are mistaken, my different-linguistically-abled friend. Microsoft has shown no hesitation to bankroll Halo; indeed, they're backing Ensemble Studio's "Halo Wars" and Wingnut Interactive's interactive Halo drama/game-thingy/whatever, so the evidence points away from that conclusion.

-- Steve's heard rumours that it was the reverse, that Microsoft couldn't get enough but Bungie was getting a headache, but those are just rumours and not based on any concrete evidence. (Though they make far more sense than those claiming that MS was tired of funding their most lucretive game franchise. That'd be like MS getting bored of funding Office.)

i cant play halo3 now they build my xbox wrong now it skrathed the disk

ha ha

I am conflited about the idea. The war is over so there goes the story but MC was left "Hanging". I think they will make a game with what happened to MC but it might not be called HALO.