Trumpet Tabs?

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okay so I've searched and searched and searched somemore and for the life of me I cannot find sheep music with JUST the trumpet parts in the halo themes. Thanks to you guys who post the entire orchestra mix, but I wish that you would have seperated the parts.

My request is this: I'd LOVE to get ahold of some trumpet sheet music for the Halo Genre, JUST the trumpet parts if you could please?

4 player Clan

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I would like to make a new 4 player halo 3 clan. Just post your name here, and I will think about accepting you. It doen't matter what rank you are, a long a your at least kind of good at halo 3. My gamertag is philh4x0r and add me if you want to join the clan.

When you join, for a fee of 1600 microoft points I will get you recon armor.

Halo 3: Recon

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Halo 3: Recon is the new game Bungie is going to release in Fall 09. It takes place after The Battle of New Mombasa when the covenant goes through a slip-space portal and destroys the whole city. So it's pretty much like a Halo 2 1/2 You play as an ODST (Hell Jumper). If you want to see the trailer go to Any comments please post and my answers to questions are limited. Thank You.