H3 Beta Quick Report: Describing Saved Films

The Saved Film feature of Halo 3, as implemented in the beta, looks more like a framework than a finished piece of work, but even as such there are some quirks worth noting.

Currently you can "share" up to six of your saved films; essentially, Xbox Live hosts them for you, and friends and other players can access them. To help those film browsers out, you can retitle the films and give them descriptions. By default, Halo 3 names them by game type and number (SLAYER003) and the description includes the map, game type, date and time.

You can override these, and for entering the new title or description you can use the onscreen keyboard or a USB keyboard if one is attached.

However, doing so is a bit awkward. After you've selected the film you want to edit, you have to choose whether to override the title or the description; you can't do both at once. After you've changed one or the other, you have to go back to the master saved films list, choose the film again, and then select the other item to change and change it.

Also, while nearly all of the Dashboard interface accepts controller or keyboard interface (the arrow keys double for the navigation functions of the controller) in Halo 3, the keyboard stops functioning when you're not in a text edit field, so you can't move up or down the list of saved films with the arrow or page up/down keys.

That would be a real convenience.