Logged by Konrad in #hbo on after the commercial aired.

Konrad: Frankie, is the so-called Shield Grenade a game element?

Frankie: Nothing in the trailer was placed there by the agency - that is to say, every object and action was put in there with Bungie's consent and usually assets.

Frankie: Which you have t assume we wouldn't do without good reason, riht?

Angel: My question: Are the models of the kids supposed to represent John and Kelly, and if so, is there a specific time frame that they're in, such as during a training op or something?

Frankie: The children at the start are there "for your interpretation."

Frankie: Are they young Spartans? Are they Earth kids from the 20th century? It is a question presented in the ad, not an answer

FG_Infinite_7: Frankie, my Question : why the shot with the hand armor? its brought up enough controversy

Frankie: What do you mean why? It's a 1st person shot of the Chief's hand.

KP: He's referencing the H2 assets in the Valhalla first person shot.

Frankie: Oh

Frankie: That was because KP nubbed up the shot

Frankie: It was because then we didn't have 1st person view armor

Hawaiian_Pig: Is the "bubble" grenade related to forerunner tech in any way?

Frankie: The tech of the Bubble Shield is top secret, ONI-owned

KP: any comment on when [the trailer] takes place?

Frankie: It takes place near or around the events of the E3 trailer

Frankie: When those are, is a spoiler

Ironlion: Who says "Time to go" as Master Chief gets up in the ad?

Frankie: The little girl.

Frankie: A little girl.

masterskill: Group at the end with the wraiths(?); brutes, or some new folk?

Frankie: Brutes

Frankie: One has a hammer

Frankie: Those are Wraiths

Frankie: New Wraiths

PhantomFaux: Are you, Frankie going to star in Halo 3, say as as guest spartan or a marine or some other role in the game?

SG: I assume the commercial is proof that the halo 1 pistol is back. If so, has it undergone any changes to damage, rate of fire, accuracy, ect.?

Frankie: No. Worst question ever. me in game

Slith: Will the shield grenade be the fourth grenade type we can use in Halo 3 - alongside the frag's, plasma's and spike's?

Frankie: Why does the shield have to be from a grenade? Obviously the object is grenade-like. But who says it's a grenade?

Narcogen: Grenade or not, does the "not indicative of gameplay" caveat apply to the special shield the Chief used in the advertisement-- in other words, is this something we should NOT be expecting to see in gameplay?

Frankie: Not indicative of gameplay means, these images were not captured from the gameplay engine.

Frankie: Anything else is up for interpretation

Konrad: Frankie, WHERE does the trailer take place?

KP: The trailer takes place on earth.

Veegie: What were the high pitches screaming during the time frame transition?

Frankie: The high pitched screaming was a transition to the explosion noise

Frankie: it was artsy