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Here's a listing of a number of the post-E3 articles that are currently out on Halo or Oni. Some have doubtless already been reported by other sites and only a few include information for avid Halo or Oni fans that wasn't already covered in our news and forum reports earlier.


  • 3DPortal.Net - A small preview based on the movie.

  • Beyond 3D - The first real game I took a look at was Halo. It looks totally and completely awesome, to say the least.

  • Daily Radar - Another short preview. Like many others, they ask when they'll see some actual gameplay.

  • GameCenter - A narrative description of the E3 Halo movie, not as good as Rex's

  • GameFan - You'll have to do a search for Halo or Bungie to get to the comments made by different persons.

  • Gamer's Depot - Part of the E3 wrap-up: When we walked out of the showing, the three of us were looking around for an extra set of depends undergarments ... If Bungie had shown us actual gameplay in realtime on a PC, rather then just a movie, this would've taken best of show.

  • GameSpot UK - A Halo preview and other thoughts after having seen the E3 movie. It seems that people are either falling all over themselves with joy or trying really hard to look unimpressed.

  • GameSpy - Probably one of the best post-E3 items I've read so far. It seemed like I couldn't go five minutes without hearing someone say the words 'Did you see the Halo movie?'

  • GameStar - A German Gaming site states its impressions.

  • Happy Puppy - Another micro-preview, post E3.

  • Inside Mac Games - One of the more informative articles. Here's a quick blurb: Doug Zartman cleared up a few issues for us - when it comes to vehicles, you mount just by walking up and pressing an assigned key. Where you stand next to the vehicle when you press that key determines what position you take (gunner, driver, shotgun seat.) He confirmed that you would be able to play as either human or Covenant in multiplayer games, and of course as any combination therof.

  • Mac Central - Another repeat of the same info, including the 60% figure.

  • PC.IGN.Com: Halo preview - Luxor's description plus the recycled preview.
    Also, Halo was a runner up for both Best PC Game and Best PC Action Game.

  • Maximum 3D - A short assessment. Includes: If the game releases in that condition, and has gameplay to match the stunning visuals, it will be an instant hit.

  • Sharky Extreme - We only hope that this same video we were lucky enough to witness will be released for the general public to gape at and drool over.

  • ShugaShack wrap up one and wrap up two - They're being a little tough on Halo methinks.

  • Stomped - You'll have to search multiple times for Halo on the page.

  • Tech Extreme - Halo won the Best Action Game award.

  • Time Digital - Halo gets an important mention, and HBO gets a link to its movies area!

  • Well Rounded Games - Make sure to vote for Halo in the poll too!

ONI @ E3
  • All Games - They've got some video footage of Oni here.

  • Daily Radar - Not much to say, about the article and in the article. Some nice pictures though.

  • GameCenter - Neato pictures.

  • GameSpot - They seem to be having some technical difficulties with this new preview. Looks like they've just redone their design a bit.

  • Happy Puppy - Includes information on disarming moves, among other things.

  • Inside Mac Games - This must have been written before news of the cancellation of multiplayer got out, but it's still a pretty good article.

  • Sharky Extreme - Oni got a pretty good [p]review.

  • Well-Rounded Games - A short blurb on Oni.