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Plasma Rifle

Plasma Rifle, Halo 3

Today's entry in the Halo 3 weapons guide is the Plasma Rifle. (Halo 3 only has the single, blue Covenant plasma rifle, as the red Brute plasma rifle has been removed.)


Human Pistol from Halo 3

Today's addition to the Halo 3 Weapons Guide is the Pistol, a dual-wieldable weapon of Human origin.



Today's entry in the Halo 3 Weapons Guide is the Spiker, a dual-wieldable weapon of Brute origin.



Today's entry into the Halo 3 Weapons Guide is the SMG.


Covenant Carbine

Today's entry in the Halo 3 Weapons Guide is the Covenant Carbine.

Battle Rifle BR55HB SR

Battle Rifle BR55HB SR from Halo 3
Clip size: 36
max capacity: 144
rate of fire: ~6 rounds per second (3 round burst fire 2 burst/sec)
rounds to kill(body): 21
rounds to kill (head): 12
rounds before melee kill: 9
(same for head, no damage difference for headshots until shield is down.)
bullets before close frag nade kill(body): 6 (same for head)
bullets after close frag nade to kill(body): 5-6
bullets after close frag nade to kill(head): 1
bullets before far frag nade kill(body): ~12
bullets after far frag nade to kill(body): ~12
bullets after far frag nade to kill(head): ~3

NOTES: Accuracy at ranges more appropriate for a sniper rifle is so bad that aiming at the body may get you random headshots. Anywhere past the effective range of the weapon (where it begins to take more than 5 bursts to kill) aiming at the center of mass will many times be more effective then aiming for the head when attempting to get that final killing headshot. Aiming at the head, however, is always preferable when facing an unshielded opponent since headshots do more damage after the shield is down, but not before.

See the below saved films for demonstrations of the above:

Battle Rifle Spread Demo
Battle Rifle Range Demo
Battle Rifle Kill Demo

Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle from Halo 3
Rounds per magazine: 32
Capacity: 384
Rate of Fire: ~8 rounds per second
Rounds to kill(body): 16
Rounds to kill (head): 16
Rounds before melee kill: 6
Rounds before close frag nade kill(body): 6
Rounds after close frag nade to kill(body): 6
bullets before far frag nade kill(body): ~8-10
bullets after far frag nade to kill(body): ~8-10

NOTES: The quickest kills always come in concert with a grenade or melee. Simply firing the gun is a slightly slower kill. Bursting at range drastically increases the effective range of this gun. Shorter burst equals higher accuraccy at longer ranges.

For a visual demonstration of the weapon, including a demonstration of combination kills and bullet spread when pulse firing and auto firing, see these films:

Missile Pod

Missile Launcher Silhouette

It appears that the rocket launcher, at least in the Public Beta, has lost its ability to lock on to vehicles, and has returned to its Halo 1 configuration in that respect.

What does have the ability to lock is the new Missile Pod, another heavy weapon.

Like the portable turret, you can't zoom, drive or ride in vehicles, run, or crouch while wielding it.

NOTE: Information from the beta version subject to change!

Portable Turret

Chain Gun Silhouette

In addition to deployable equipment, Halo 3 seems to have a new category of "heavy weapons" that have special characteristics.

One is a variation on the fixed turret-mounted machine guns we're familiar with from Halo 2. They can be used from a fixed position. However, pressing the B key removes the gun from its turret so you can carry it with you. In this configuration it has limited ammunition, and also enforces other limitations on you.

While wielding a heavy weapon, you cannot zoom, melee, throw grenades, dual wield, drive or ride in vehicles, or crouch. Your foot speed is limited to a slow walk, and your turning speed is likewise reduced. Using the gun puts you in a third person perspective with the camera over your shoulder, similar to driving a vehicle.

Wielding a weapon like this perhaps makes Halo 3 feel a bit like Gears: your movements are slow and ponderous, and you get to look at all the cool armor and weapons up close.

NOTE: Information from the beta version subject to change!

Spike Grenade

Spike Grenade Silhouette

A new addition for Halo 3, the Spike Grenade works a bit differently than frag or plasma grenades.

Like a plasma grenade, it will stick to targets. Unlike a plasma grenade, it will also stick to walls, floors, and ceilings. Also unlike a plasma grenade or a frag grenade, it unleashes damage in a conical pattern away from the surface to which it sticks.

Full lowdown on this weapon can be had from Bungie.net:

Brute Grenade Top Story

UPDATE: In the Halo 3 Public Beta, the number of grenades per type that can be carried simultaneously is in fact two.

Halo 3 Guide

With the release of Halo 3, Bungie fans will be looking at new vehicles, new weapons, new maps, and new opponents. To kick off the promotional campaign for the game, the website Halo3.com launched late last month, with some preliminary information on Halo 3's characters, weapons, and vehicles, as well as a summary of the story to date.

Of course, like Halo2.com before it, the site is flash-based, graphics-intensive, and cannot be searched or commented on. So I've transcribed the text and created a Halo 3 Guide, not unlike our old Halo 2 Guide, to be the starting point for a database of items in Halo 3.

For each of these items, I have provided the original text, plus my own annotations.

Here's what we have so far:

The Story So Far (Halo 1 and Halo 2 spoilers, as well as Halo 3 potential spoilers)


It is worth noting here that the "Human" vs "Covenant" descriptions are no longer quite as helpful as they once were, as the Brute-dominated Covenant are still the enemies of humanity, while the Elites are now their allies. Here I am maintaining the old distinctions, so categories are based on species, not alliances.



Flood do not seem to have any vehicles or weapons, or indeed any technology, of their own, but are able to use what is available to them-- usually the technology belonging to their victims.

Energy Sword

Energy Sword Silhouette

A combination of ceremonial elegance and practical power, the twin-bladed Energy Sword can be used as a slashing melee weapon, or in correct fighting technique, the wielder waits until the opponent reaches a perfect distance and lunges forward in a ferocious attack.

NOTE: So it looks like the melee lunge is still in, which means that fall damage is out. No word on how the weapon actally works, though. In Halo 2, the weapon was limited in campaign mode like all Covenant energy weapons, but in multiplayer it was unlimited. Will that remain? Time will tell.

Brute Spike Rifle

Spiker Silhouette

Holding 40 spikes per magazine, this vicious and dangerous rifle is favored by Brutes and in fact, is based on their native pre-Covenant technology. Old as its technology is, the rapid firing razor-sharp projectiles can tear through armor and flesh with ease.

Detailed specifications are available from this Bungie.net feature story:

The Spiker

NOTE: It's only fitting that with the Brutes' new roles as the preeminent force in the Covenant, they should get a new weapon. Or, in this case, an old one. Think SMG for monkeys.

Particle Beam Rifle

Beam Rifle Silhouette

A hand carried particle beam acceleration weapon. Its range is basically only limited by its five or 10x zoom scope, and atmospheric conditions. The rifle carries a power cell good for up to 18 bursts and charges very rapidly for a weapon of this type.

NOTE: Again a Covenant weapon largely designed to be comparable to a human weapon, although the rate of fire and the ammo capacity is handled differently. Here, as with most weapons besides the Needler and the Carbine, you pick up a Covenant weapon, use it until it is drained, and then discard it, since you can't recharge it. Presumably the Covenant are not so restrained.

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