In order from worst to... least bad, these are the vehicles available to high ping bastards in Halo multiplayer: Banshees The "warping" effect that happens when the server corrects your client seems to affect Banshees particularly badly. It also manifests itself when getting in and out of vehicles or structures and using ladders. The kind of endless-spiral dogfights that Banshees tend to cause are especially bad if you are on a slow connection; a short delay can widen your circle enough to let your opponent get behind or under you and get in enough shots for the kill. What's more, the throttle-down and drop technique that many good pilots use also seems to initiate the "warp" effect. If there are no other good pilots in the game you're in, you can still use the Banshee as a good strafing weapon; but beware Shades. Unlike in single player, they don't tip over when hit by the Banshee's FRG, and the gun itself seems to shield players from damage far better than in the single player game. I recommend diving runs against players, shades and vehicles while firing the primary weapon until you can line up a shot with the secondary; then break off, look for cover-- either by flying behind a structure or going above the Shade, out range of return fire-- and wait for the FRG to reload before circling around again. Note you can only attempt this if there's nothing else shooting at you (like another Banshee). The diving melee attack that many Banshee pilots use is also a lot less effective if you're lagged; you can end up circling on the ground trying to hit a dodging target, all the while a sitting duck yourself (and also looking quite foolish). This works if the target doesn't see you coming and where the terrain is flat. UPDATE: vector40, author of the Banshee Handling article here at (of which a second installment is forthcoming, I understand) doesn't care whether or not I credit him with this technique he passed on, which is to eschew diving runs and simply hover over the Shade. The gun's maximum elevation doesn't allow it to fire at targets almost directly above it, so you can hover there and "fire with impunity" as he put it. The dive-bombing technique is to be reserved for "heavily armored ground targets". Unless you're confident in your Banshee skills, avoid it when playing with a high ping. Ghosts The ghost also has serious problems on high latency connections, mainly due to how easily it gets hung up on terrain, how easily it can be made to flip, and how slowly it turns and changes direction. It's very easy to get yourself in a position where you can neither fire nor escape, and the delay will probably cost you your life if you try and dismount. If you're going to use the Ghost while on a slow connection, use it for base defense only where the required maneuverability is not a factor. Warthogs While the Warthog also has issues with terrain on slow connections, it's not as bad as the Ghost. It can be quite forgiving even at high speed if you take the safest route possible, avoid hills and sharp turns. This is fine for most Warthog runs-- unless you're trying to dodge a strafing Banshee. Also, this is not technically documented, but I've had several players say that driving a Warthog with a high ping player as a passenger is much worse than just having a high ping player in the game or on your team; I don't know if it is true, but I've seen a few games in which it seemed this was happening. Myself, I've had a bit of luck in games as a driver; I get more complaints when I'm a passenger because the faster-connection players seem to notice it more. If you're going to be a Warthog gunner, the choice is clear: take the LAAG gun and NOT the rocket hog. The LAAG gun is such a bullet hose that even with a lot of delay you can manage to do some damage. The rocket launcher, on the other hand, requires precise aim; hitting a moving target from a moving target while lagged is merely an exercise in frustration. And if the "warp" effect occurs while you're firing, you can just as easily end up overturning your own jeep and getting your teammates mad at you. Scorpions Among vehicles, the Scorpion can be your best friend if you've got bad lag. First of all, unlike in the single player campaign, there's virtually no point in being a passenger on a Scorpion, so your teammates won't be depending directly on your driving while you're behind the wheel. The secondary fire LAAG gun allows you to constantly fire in a wide area, useful for taking out other players on foot. The cannon's primary fire has a large area of effect and takes out most small vehicles in one hit or at least overturns them, placing less of an emphasis on precise aiming. Unlike the Banshee's powerful secondary weapon, the cannon fires virtually without an arc, making aiming it easier on flat terrain (although difficult in other places, especially when aiming uphill or at targets high on bridges).