Destiny PS4 Announce

Rays of light from the sun filter around the limbs of a robotic sentry of some sort.

Another balcony shot overlooking the Traveler and the City; the speculation is that this is from the Tower, a safe area for players.

Yet another shot that blurs the line between concept art and in-engine footage.

This would appear to the the Citadel location shown earlier, referred to as a lair for bad guys. The environment appears to be Venus, but that's only speculation.

This is another one of those shots that makes it hard to distinguish between in-engine footage and concept art.

Across the landscape we get a closer look at the objects on the floor. They're clearly not natural stalagmites, although it's also not clear that they are (or were) figures.

Some semi-transparent tendrils seem to stretch over the area, looking like spiderweb. This shot reminds me of The Tain from Myth.

In the background we can see some arches that look like Forerunner structures.

Here we get a partial closeup of the restrained figure, including some of the detail on the cuffs. There appear to be banners hanging from the ceiling in several parts of the room, as was true in High Charity from Halo 2.

This shot probably deserves a lot of attention. Like several of the others, it appears to be either inside a structure or underground, although there are very bright light sources in the distance.

Around the area we see several more of the hanging pods.

There are at least three figures in the shot; the one center foreground, one background, just right of center, and one in the background at the far right. The one furthest to the right seems near one of the hanging pods. The one right of center appears to be armed.

Another shot similar to one already seen in the ViDoc, with what appears to be ship wreckage in the background venting blue plasma.

The circular wreckage that frames the shot is very reminiscent of the setting of Halo 3's announcement trailer, where the Master Chief walks slowly into the frame and peers over a cliff edge onto the portal that leads to the Ark.

Another pretty skybox shot. Some of the images in the previous ViDoc that many may have assumed were merely concept art may have actually been in-engine, as this shot appears to be.

This appears to be a Vex unit standing in the Exclusion Zone on Mars. The green color seems to indicate factional association. Other shots showed green banners flying outside structures on Mars.

From comparing to the concept art shots we've already seen, this should be from the Exclusion Zone on Mars. Seeing it in-engine at least gives us an idea that Destiny is more than a huge collection of concept art, but has some locations that are already in the game.

This dark purple environment looks like a Covenant nightmare. This area, complete with its wildly spinning wreckage in the background, was also seen briefly during the ViDoc. Here we get a longer look, including an armed figure in the background left.

A short sequence in the video seems to show the sun almost directly overhead, perhaps to emphasize the idea that time will pass in this world, including day and night cycles.

A short sequence in the video seems to show the sun passing overhead, perhaps to emphasize the idea that time will pass in this world, including day and night cycles.