Myth III User Reports

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After the Myth franchise went to Take Two after the purchase of Bungie by Microsoft, a developer named Mumbo Jumbo was contracted to develop Myth 3. The team was disbanded after the release of the game, which was not particularly successful.

Rampancy created this area to catalog reports of users of the game post-release.

Myth II: Custom Formations

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A tutorial on editing your formations in Myth, ported from the Codex. Back in the day, a favorite request for Myth II was custom formations. Many people had grand visions of being able to hit a key, click, and watch their archers and warriors form up into a perfect formation. Alas, it was simply not to be--formations, as it turned out, are generated mathematically, not from an internal layout.

All is not lost, however. Anyone guilty of tinkering with Fear is certain to have noticed the tag called "internal formations", the only tag in the Formations group.

Halo Brings Action Gamers A World Without End

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MACWORLD EXPO, NEW YORK CITY--July 21, 1999--Today Bungie Software announces Halo, a game that shatters the confines of typical game environments. Halo is a third-person perspective, sci-fi action epic that takes place indoors, outdoors, in the sky and beneath the surface of a world of astonishing realism and visual impact. Halo was unveiled this morning in Steve Jobs' keynote address to the Macworld Expo.