Mumbo Jumbo Website Updated

The Mumbo Jumbo website has updated with some important Myth III information. The first bit of news offers a lot of hope to those of us worried about Myth III's future:

Regarding the recent postings concerning the status of the Myth III team, due to a change in developmental focus, we have decided to close our Irvine, CA office. We are continuing to develop and support Myth III in our Dallas, TX office. While we hope that many of the Myth III team members who have been affected will join us in Dallas, we know that they may not be able to leave their sun screen and surfboards behind.

Mumbo Jumbo also states that they expect the PC patch to be available by Thanksgiving. That's within three days, folks.

Also, there is some updated information about the Myth III demos. The single player demo for the PC will be released at the same time as the patch. The Mac versions of both the multiplayer and single player demos probably won't be out by that time, but we can expect them to be released simultaneously.