Halo Sequel And PC Port Update

Battleground: Halo spotted an interesting tidbit in the latest issue of PC Zone:

Our guess is that Halo for the PC will be out next autumn, probably to coincide with the announcement of Halo 2, which is already being worked on and a cert to arrive on Xbox first yet again.

Before you get all excited, this statement has no credibility. Don't believe it simply because it's in a printed magazine; they're very often wrong.



About Halo. Since they spent three friggin years on it I thought that it would be longer. Me and my friend went through it in a day after finishing the first level we had to start over again because his stupid Brother deleted the File. Well since we started over me and him finished it from 9:30AMEst to 5:32PMest. Now I was really pissed when I found out that it took them 3 friggin years to make a game that lasts roughly 9 hours to beat. Well of course since we seemed to have beat in such a astonishing time you would be thinking either I am lieing or I am extreamlly good at shooter/action games. Well I am not lieing, I spend roughly 53 hours a week playing Red Alert2, Tribes2, Diablo2, Warcraft2, Flight Sim2002, and any other game I can get my hands on. So I am sort of disappointed in the time it takes to beat that game. And on the other part, About the rumor on the Halo coming to PC. I checked at EB(Electronic Boutique) and they said it is coming out on Febuary 1st (April Fools). Also if you want to order it in advance or buy it for yourself for christmas then go to http://www.chipsbits.com/ and find it there by searching for it. It is $52.95 total and looks like it has diff. weapons then Xbox version.
Thanks for reading this.