June 1, 2001 Originally at Halo.bungie.org.

Originally at Halo.bungie.org.
Both Peter and Jason celebrated a birthday today, which only added to the chaos, but I'm taking a breather from the non-stop party that is Halo's Development Cycle to bring you these teasing tidbits of trivia:

  • Stephen is reworking the flamethrower animation and working out animations for one of the other weapons added last week.

  • Chucky has beaten the pathfinding code into a nearly-final state.

  • Matt Segur did lots of sound stuff for Marty and Jay.

  • Marty and Jay, thrilled with their new powers, spent the week placing ambient sounds and looping music tracks - new music, as yet unheard outside the Bungie offices. They also have Doppler shifts working.

  • Cortana has these nifty light patterns that ripple over her body.

  • The Mighty Chris Butcher has done the work necessary for AIs to fight in midair. He's also created a bunch of tools for Jaime to use when populating the human ship and assigning behaviors to its inhabitants.

  • Jaime is halfway done with the training level.

  • John is busy dealing with some control issues and working with the Sin-O-MatiXXX team to get a final list of all the mission-specific cutscenes.

  • Bernie put in a new lens flare that I have not seen but have heard wondrous things about.

  • Detail objects are back in the game.

  • The tank is back in, too.

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