Level 2 - Bleeding Ground

Here is level two. I mean to get these done quicker, but school is hectic, as well it should be. I know I am getting my moneys worth. These end up taking me quite a while, because I finish the level every time I play through the whole level, but only get a percentage of the walkthrough finished. Then on the next few rounds through I have to play through the start of the level again. The problem is that I can't just rush though the level, especially not the Sod-O-Mobile bit. There is always something that catches my intrest, and keeps me playing for a while, most often seeing how high I can jump up a wall does it. This one includes links to commentaries. Thanks to Wideload Games dot Org and the guy that captured them (Quicksilver I think).

Level 2

[image:9995 left hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0] Stubbs, apparently following his zombie sense of smell winds up in the greenhouse. You start the level surrounded by cops and scientists. The cops are the same as before, and the scientists are new. Fortunately the scientists in this level are all unarmed (free food). Three attacks gets them stumbling and ready to eat. Of course that point is moot as there is a shiny bit of green goodness sitting in front of you. Hit y to enter the Sod-O-Mobile, a machine named strictly for its ability to spread sod. In this sucker, you are near invincible short of rolling it over onto your own head. There are two easy ways to do this: you can run it into a wall, or you can get shot by another Sod-O-Mobile. You will have to make a conscious effort to get killed otherwise. My advice to you then, is: don't roll your vehicle. Other than that, the only tricky part can be navigation. And today you readers are all lucky ducks. I decided to make you a map.

[image:9997 right hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0] If this map doesn't convince you that I care for you, I don't know what will. When you deal with me, you get two things: quality, and style. I don't like to get into matters of quantities, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. It's not to scale or anything, but it gets the job done. I was actually surprised at how simple this area was, once I took the time to figure it out.

Head left from the way you were facing at the start. The first path you see branching to the right has a hippo in a little indentation in the wall (Commentary 1). Once you grab the hippo, you can take whatever route you want, but you need to get to the switch room. I usually go back along the edge of the level past the garage. You can also just drive around for a bit, listen to the commentary, (this is an especially good one, in my mind, both due to length and content) and eventually you will get a green marker pointing exactly to the switch. Right now, the switch room door is the only one that will open for you, so if you can go in, you know that you are in the correct place.

Inside the switch room, there are a few police, but plenty of things to hide behind. You can sneak up on at least one when you enter, and from there just move on through, choosing whichever path you want. There are two things we need to do in this room. The switch is obvious and red, on a raised platform facing the big screens. On top of a machine at ground level, beneath the screens there is a hippo. Just take the ramp straight ahead from where you entered, and keep an eye off to the left. When you see it you can just jump down and grab it (Commentary 2).

Hitting the switch does 3 things, as far as I can tell. Two of them are useful, one if you aren't looking for hippos. It unlocks the garage and room 1109 (the exit). It also knocks over the podium by where you entered, but I couldn't tell you why.

Our next target is the garage, but only if we are hunting for hippos. Head over to the garage, Sod-O-Mize everyone there (that is, destroy them with your Sod-O-Mobile, yuk yuk.) and drive into the garage if possible. If you fail to get in, don't worry. Just get out of your vehicle and approach the door. It will open for you. Once you are in, there are two scientists, and straight to your left, over in a corner is a hippo (Commentary not recorded).

If any of you just want to know how to win, skip the next two paragraphs. They won't do you any good. Half of them won't do you any good no matter what you are looking for, so it might be smart to skip in the name of efficiency.

[image:9996 left hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0] A couple notes about the Sod-O-Mobile, before moving on, because I do love it so. There are 5 around here, I put them all in a row. The one you start with, and one in front of each of the three doors. I have no idea where the 5 th one stays, it just attacked me when I was hanging out near the start of the level. I am sure hanging out brings images of me leaning against some wall, with my controller in hand and my shades on, but I really mean listening to the lovely looping music and typing this walkthrough. Apparently for some however, the music is not lovely. A direct quote from my roommate “I love that music, but I can't wait for you to go on to the next level�. He put scissors in his ears when I told him I was going to play through at least four more times.

Also, you can have quite a time jumping up walls. My search for a spot where there is no barrier continues without much success. The maneuver is a little tricky to describe, but if you drive forward and look straight down while shooting, you can go into a back-flip of sorts. The trick is to end up facing down and to the wall when you are right up against it in the air so you can get a second, and occasionally a third boost off of the wall. Getting a capture of this is on my to-do list, as a video will be better than a text description.

Now head over to room 1109. (I call it this because it says 1109 above the door) There is a meaning behind this number, but we don't get to know what it is. If anyone can finds out, there might be a pie in it for them. Perhaps the answer will be in the novel (if you went to the garage, you would get it). We are heading to the gift shop. Logical.

If you want to make this section easy on yourself, keep a zombie army the whole time. This means that you will have to whistle them through the tunnels, but it ends up making the rest of the level very easy. You also end up with a very sizeable army by the end which is a good time.

After the very short cutscene, you will see a robot directly ahead. Just to the left of the robot you will find (Commentary 3). Kill the police and the scientist, and move on to gut grenades. Once the guidebot is through giving you your new ability, you get a set of 4 cops to fight. Either grenade them or fart, and move on, keeping any zombies you make close by.

Gut grenades are fun. You can use them much as you would use grenades in halo. That's right, you can jump a little higher than normal. Not terribly exciting, especially once you make it a ways through the cop station, but here is a video of me going somewhere that is normally just out of reach. Not exciting in any way, but there could be better applications (really I only say that to make myself feel better. A short way into the next level, you can put your hand anywhere that isn't walled off, so all of the jumping in the world wouldn't do you any extra good)

Once you enter the next set of tunnels, just follow the yellow gift shop arrows (I told you that was where we were going) whistling your zombies along with you as you go. When you are through this set of tunnels, you hit an opening. If you have a zombie army, follow behind them to the left path, and eat all of the cops, further increasing your army size. If you don't just head to the right, fighting the two-three cops there, and move on to the next set of tunnels.

Cops alone in tunnels are hard to fight if you don't have minions. Hitting them with grenades (preferably sticking them) is the best way to go. You can also wait and hide. Sometimes they will move to you. The problem with direct attacks is that you will get shredded up running straight at two cops. By the time you can eat one, the other will probably kill you. You really can't miss the next hippo, right off to the left of your path. If you see a cutscene in the tunnel, you know that you have passed it (Commentary 4).

Once you grab the hippo, head to the tunnel for a very quick cutscene. Proceed through the tunnel, zombie army (hopefully) in tow. Continue to follow the yellow arrows on the ground until you are outside once more.

This outdoor area is a long straight path with many enemies. Fortunately for you, they tend to group, making them perfect targets for gut grenades and farts. Go ahead and kill the few enemies that are right outside the tunnel. Once they are dealt with, the safest method is to make your approach from behind your zombies. If you get close enough, go ahead and hit them with a fart, but the number of enemies makes a gut attack a much safer option. It should only take you two well placed guts to cause significant disorder to cut through the remaining enemies. Once you are though the main group, another cop or two will exit from the next tunnel, but they are easily dispatched by the standard eaty methods.

Now we are on the home stretch. Fight your way through these tunnels, and don't be afraid to use any guts you have left if you get in trouble, this will be your last chance for this level anyways. You can pretty forget about your army, as it is only a short dash to the end of the level. Keep your eye out for a repair-bot; the final hippo of this level is off to the side of it (Commentary 5). Follow the tunnels to find the gift shop that we have been searching for.


  1. Left then right from the start of the level.
  2. Switch room, on top of some machinery, straight ahead from where you enter
  3. Garage, you can enter after you have hit the switch. Get out of you Sod-O-Mobile to open it.
  4. Next to a guidebot when you first enter the tunnels.
  5. Right in the Center of your path, before tunnel-bridge cutscene
  6. Next to repair-bot in the final set of tunnels.


I also tried, probably not for as long, but for awhile to get either Stubbs or the Sodmobile up over the walls. No luck.

There's no reason to use the hand on that level, but have you tried throwing the hand up over those walls? I've found that in other levels, the hand seems to be able to get up on top of just about anything.

Rampant for over six years.

No hands until half way through the next level, that is why I was hoping you could actually get sneaky on this level. But it seems to be pretty well walled off. For now I have been trying to land on various small ledges around the outside edge of the level. I have succeded at some of the lower ones, but I am going to have to work in coop to get much higher.