Level 3 - The Slammer

Welcome to level 3: The Slammer. Unfortunately, I don't really like this level. It is pretty short, and not too interesting. The parts that are meant to be great fights end up being a little too easy, and retracing steps is always a no no in a game (except for Resident Evil and Tomb Raider... I still don't know why anyone likes them). Here is how to beat level 3, although there is less strategy needed than there is shooting accuracy.

Also, if you notice a lack of lovely 800x600 captured content, my apologies. My capture card is fubar, and to the extent that it likes to drag my whole computer down with it. So for now, no more nice pictures, but if I ever get the chance, I will go back and old ones.

A side note to the rest of you: I hope you read this guide incorectly, and that in doing so, you have trouble beating the level.

The Slammer

Kill all of the prisoners! Once you leave the lineup room, there will be three detectives. I usually just fart, because it is embarrassing to die this early on in the level. Right out of the lineup room, go right twice (into the room for viewing the lineup). Just to the right of the door is the first of what seems to be very few hippos in this level (Commentary 1). Push your zombie army (should be about 6) into the next couple of rooms to help clear out the cops.

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Go down the hallway. There are two bathrooms on the left and a room on the right, none of interest, although they may contain a cop or two. When you get a chance to turn left, don’t. It’s a dead end. Go straight on into the room with red carpet and doors. The doors on the right have a cop behind them, and the ones on the left are locked for now. Go to the next room, and the next. In the room with three doors, go right into the locker room.

Since this part is pretty bland, and linear and so on, I will throw a bit of strategy out there that I use when I am fighting cops. By now you have probably noticed that attacking cops can be pretty annoying. You might attack to many times, or not enough times. I avoid this by just not attacking. Instead I run close to them until they try to melee, and just run around behind them. If you are behind them, you can eat their brains no matter how weak they are. This works best on the taser cops, as their melees take a long time. It is a quality technique for a few reasons: First off, if you do it properly, you never get hit by the melee, you also are guaranteed to eat the enemy, which ends up being a lot better than if you attack them.

Go straight across from the locker room, and watch the quick cutscene with the chief on the screen. Now you have to fight a big battle against a while lot of cops. Fortunately you get a whole lot of free zombies on your side, and you don't even have to make them. Let them do the work for you. Here I just suggest running around eating the cops that are attacking the zombies. If you keep up a good ratio of zombies to cops, you have a pretty good chance for success. If you are getting hit too much, just run out and recharge. There are rooms you can step into on every side of the large square room that you are fighting in, save one. One side has a large door that is still locked. The door has an exit sign over it if there is any confusion as to which one it is. Once you have killed all of the cops, that door will open up with about 6 detectives waiting for you. If you have grenades or farts left, now is the time to use them. They can make short work of the cops, and you can move into the room. Go to the back of the room where you will see a quick cutscene.

Now you are a hand. Head off into the vent straight ahead of you, up the wall. This part can be done in three different ways. I will start with hard and go from there.

Hard: This one really is hard, and if you are not careful, you can end up having to restart the level. Take the first right turn once you are in the vent. Here is the hardest part because you are in a room with a whole load of cops in it, and you are going to quick save the instant you possess one. Try to pick one that has a reasonable amount of shelter and go for it. In all likelihood getting out of this room is going to take you a few tries. If you are getting killed too quickly after the quicksave, your only option is going to be to restart the level. Otherwise, learn exactly where all of the cops are until you can make your escape. Remember, two shots to the head is a kill… if you spend many more here, you are likely to be in trouble. There are three doors in the room you drop into. One is locked, one is filled with cops and one is empty. The empty one is the one to the right of where you entered, and it is the safest room to be in for now, so you should head there post-haste. It is a room with 2 long tables and three doors. As soon as you are in the room, the door across from you will open and riot cops will enter. These aren’t that bad because they aren’t a threat at a distance. Just wait until they start to advance (they are inept enough that they can’t advance with their shield up) and hit them in the head. You can also hit them in the feet pretty effectively while their shields are up. You want to stay near the door you came through, but you also want to be sure any cops you failed to kill in the previous room can’t come from behind. If you go near the door across and to the right, you will have to worry about riot cops from two directions as opposed to one.

Once everyone is cleared out, proceed down the hall. You could probably just walk the rest of the way to your goal, but that would be slow and boring. We are going to kill them all! Ignore the room on the left at the end of the hall (there are some guys there, but fighting them can’t do you any good) and turn right when the hall turns right. The hall turns again, and you run into another room that has more cops in it. The only suggestion I can give you here is to try to keep it so only one enemy can attack you at the time. Use the pillars to hide, and don’t stick your neck out too far. Also be aware of ammunition. Empty your clip if you are low and have some spare time. It can make the difference when one too many enemy is rushing you later. Wait for the next room to send all its cops into the room that you are in before progressing. The next room should then be empty. The room after that has even more pillars, which is a very good thing. Keep hiding and shooting then go to the button that is marked by the green arrows.

We have reached the home stretch. You should be in a room with a lot of cells. Kill the guy in the booth thing to the right then progress down the hall. I suggest running down the left side of the hall, as the guard at the end seems to be much more accurate than you are at a distance. Push the button and approach your body.

Medium: Go straight to the end of the vent, and you will be on the medium path. This puts you into a room with a few cops, none of whom seem to want to shoot you. Hit them in the head, and move up exactly two paragraphs. (Starting with Once everyone is cleared out). This is the same as the second half of the hard path.

Easy: There is a left hand turn, farther down the vent. Take this for the easiest route to Stubbs. When you come out, you should be behind a prisoner in a cell. Possess the prisoner, and the cop will get the bright idea to let you out. Once you are out, hit the button just to your right, and the one across from you. This releases the other prisoners and provides adequate distraction for your escape. Then it is as simple as making a left turn and opening the door where the rest of stubbs is waiting.

We can now use the hand as we wish, and that has very important strategic implications. If nothing else, a hand is a free kill for every brain you eat, and usually you can take a few extra down with it. There are times, of course when the best course of action, possibly the only course of action is to possess a specific character, and this guide will be explicit about those times. Otherwise, assume that if you have a hand and a hiding space, you should probably be using them to the best of your ability. This is, of course, largely a game-play preference. Although I enjoy playing as Stubbs more, I still end up spending a large percentage of my time controlling possessed characters on this difficulty, just because you can be so much more efficient that way.

Another note is that we have a new character, for the rest of this level and the next. That character is the riot cop. These silly fellows can’t walk and hide behind their shields, so the preferred way to take them out is with a gun. If you are Stubbs, however, simply stand beside one and grab their arm (you can’t eat their brains, because they are wearing helmets. As smart as Stubbs is, those little squeezy clicky “clips� are just one step too far). Once you have an arm, use it to beat anything else carrying a shield. You will cut through the riot cops like a large blunt arm through a riot shield.

Once you resume command of Stubbs, eat a scientist and proceed back the way you came from (as the cop). You will have two riot cops, and possibly some prisoners to fight. Once the riot cops are dead, head to the sixth cell on your left to find the second hippo for this level (Commentary 2). You are now left with a single cop at the far end of the hall. If you think you will have time, I would try to possess him, but it is a difficult task. Pretty quickly, a whole gaggle of riot cops come through the door behind the cop. You have two good options for dispatching them. 1. Gut grenades (this is the safest, but it really depends on if you have any left from the muster room battle), and 2. Grab an arm and start swinging, although this will get you bludgeoned to death at least once. For the next few rooms I like to just possess a detective, and blast away. It is a very linear section of the game, and if you did the hard hand route, one you have already traveled in its entirety.

Really, you just need to go straight up the middle, as you don’t seem to be able to progress unless you have killed a pretty decent percentage of the cops. Trust me when I say the best way is to possess as many cops as you can, and using that cop shoot a whole lot of other cops. If you show your face as Stubbs in “the gauntlet� you will get shot up before you even have a chance to close range. Feel free to use any remaining powers you have here, as the level is pretty much at its end. Proceed down the gauntlet, make a right, and head to the door at the end.


  1. Just after you leave the lineup, in the room on the other side of the one-way mirror.
  2. In a cell, about six down on the left when you are leaving the room where you are kept captive.