Welcome to punchbowl, and welcome to my walkthrough of Stubbs the zombie. This will get you through the whole game on the insane difficulty, and hopefully find all of the hippos on the way. Where needed, I will include screenshots, and maybe (but probably not) even videos. Enjoy, as soon as I ask permission, I will link the recordings of the commentaries to their respective hippos.

Level 1
[image:9984 left hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0]First off, do what guidebot tells you. Hit the guy, eat the guy, and then head left. Yes, left, the opposite way that guidebot does. We are going to get our first hippo! On the way, feel free to eat any civilians that may be walking around, although they won't be too useful to you. Up until the instant you fart, the zombies won't walk properly. Head left, along the right side of the street (under the monorail) and you will see the hippo along the edge of the street, a bit before you run into the barricade (Commentary 1)if you really need to know what it looks like, here's an example below. [image:9985 right hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0]

Once you have the hippo, head back to guidebot. She has a green marker above her head. Proceed through more brain eating, and the fart tutorial, then head over to the big statue in front and to your right. Go up the stairs on the statue, and around it to the left, you should see a hippo (commentary 2).

Head back to guidebot, and complete the zombie bullying lessons, then head through the big door on your left. Your zombie friends can't come with you unfortunately.

Once through the gate, start eating people. Once you have eaten 4 or 5 of them, leave the cops to them, and head off to the leftmost wall, just past the roadblocks, in front of the second indented doors, there is a hippo (commentary 3). Continue down the wall, unfortunately you are best off ignoring the cops, as they are pretty hard to kill from range. Head off to the next indented set of doors where you find (commentary 4). A good technique to know when you are avoiding cops is that if you walk up against a wall for a bit, you can start off running. When running, especially perpendicular to the line of fire, you have a pretty low chance of being hit. Head across to the other wall, if you want to be really safe, you can go behind city hall. If you go in front, you will probably need a fart to take out the 4 cops waiting for you there. Every cop in blue takes exactly three attacks before you can eat them.

The next hippo is to the left of the monorail entrance (green marker) in an indentation in the orange wall (commentary 5). Now go around the monorail entrance, being sure to stay well clear. It is easy to finish the level on accident here. Go to the door indention before the roadblocks on this side for (commentary 6). Then follow it up to the indentation directly before the monorail to get (commentary 7). After this, head in the direction of the monorail, I just ignore the cops, and finish the level up.


  1. Left from the first tutorial, on the right side of the road (after you have turned left)
  2. On the far side of the big statue before you go through the gate
  3. Indentation just past roadblocks on the left
  4. Indentation farther down the left wall
  5. Across the level, orange indentation left of the monorail
  6. Indentation right of the monorail (be careful not to get too close to the monorail)
  7. Indentation on the same side, just in front of the road blocks